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Brilliant Website 15 Example of Homepage Design You' ll never get a second shot at making a first impact - so your homepage is without a doubt one of the most important web pages on your website. The homepage is the front doors of a certain enterprise. How can the homepage design of a website be considered bright instead of pale? Therefore, the most brillant websites on this page are not only scoring in terms of aesthetics, but also in the brain.

However, before we delve into the 15 real-world samples, let's analyze some of the best website design best practice. Would you like even more inspirational ideas for the design of your homepage? Please click here to see 53 more web design samples to be downloaded. Each of the home page themes shown here uses a combo of the following items. But the best homepage design gets many of them right: 1) Clear answer "Who I am", "What I do" and/or "What can you (the visitor) do here?

" Perhaps if you are a well-known trademark or a well-known business (e.g. Coca Cola), you can get away with not having to describe who you are and what you do; but the truth is that most companies still have to provide answers to these frequently asked question so that every prospect knows they are in the "right place".

Homepage must be closely focussed - and speak with the right person in their own native tongue. Best websites are avoiding "Corporate Gobbledygook" and eliminating the bot. Visitors arriving at your homepage must force them to remain nearby. Your homepage is the best place to formulate your performance promise in such a way that potential customers remain on your website and do not find their way to your competition.

They are very user-friendly, i.e. they are easily navigable and there are no "eye-catching" items that stand in the way of surfing, such as flashbanners, movies, pop-ups or too complex and useless items. 5 ) Incorporates Calls-to-Action (CTAs). Each of the websites mentioned here uses effective call to call and call to take your users to the next level.

" Keep in mind that the purpose of the homepage is to force your website users to penetrate more deeply into your website and move it further down the hopper. Even more important is that a CTA transforms your homepage into a sales or leadservice machine, not just a booklet laundry machine. But the best websites are not always statical. A few websites also switch from A/B tests or live contents.

7) Uses large overall design. Thus these home pages make effective use of layouts, CTA placements, white space, colours, writings and other supportive items. Get prepared now to find out more about outstanding homepage design using the following 15 practical exercises. Discussions about whether long or long home pages work better are many. There is a great benefit from contrasting and positioning you with the prime call to action - it's clear what the business wants you to converse on your arrival.

A copy used in the "Try it for free for 30 days" call for proposals is very convincing. "It' s a really sleek design with a powerful, jargon-free heading and a subheading. This homepage conveys a safe but uncomplicated atmosphere, which is important for a good deal that deals with finance information. There is also a copy that is straightforward, immediate and convincing with a call to action:

" Also the CTA design is brilliantly - the secure padlock symbol once again meets the security alert. It' s straightforward and to the point -- the heading and subheading make it clear what Jill Konrath is doing (and how she can help your business). It' simply to sign up for the newsletters and get in contact with her - two of her main tasks.

The homepage and website of Dropobox is the ultimative example of sobriety. Your byline "Your stuff, anywhere" is easy and yet strong. Concentrates on a single call to action: Our homepage for the commercial offer of Dropobox is a good example of how you can offer another website adventure to another public. In contrast to their principal home page, which was initially created for the consumers page (above), their businesses need more information and extra evidence that Drobox for Business is a secure and scaleable enterprise application (a perceptual problem that Drobox directly tackles on their home page).

Continuing with its simplicity of design and trademark, Dropobox is the perfect choice for the most demanding customers. Whitehouse. gov is a constant change to mirror the most important issues and imperatives - the homepage alone has undergone hundred of overhauls. Test and optimize is a crucial factor for a brillant homepage design. Its design is clear and it promotes a sense of fellowship.

There is also a very clear and easy design. Its design emphasizes the functions of the application and then immediately shows the main call for actions - not much more. In combination with great photograph the heading "Brustkorb. Scroll the palladium to take you on a journey through their service, their menus and their great times - a great use of this beloved design allure.

Evernote has evolved from a basic, note-saving application to a powerful set of enterprise applications over the years. It is not always straightforward to communicate this on a homepage, but Evernote does a good job by wrapping many prospective message into a few important advantages. To highlight the converting path, this homepage uses a mix of deep, subdued backgrounds and light greens or whites to highlight the converting path.

Once you have entered a title, the "Augenweg" will lead you to the "Register now" option. Their vibrant colours, funny design and photographs create a Google-like atmosphere for a business that sells many technological goods. Personally, I enjoy the easy, high-profile view of their six different offerings. It is a very clear way to communicate what the business is doing and how it is helping individuals more.

It' s bright, sleek and sober. It is not overloaded and contains only the necessary items to get users to build their own web pages. These include great visualizations of products, a great news headline, and a call to trade that will reduce rubbing with the copy: "Create your free website in less than 5min. The Basecamp has had brillant home pages for a long and long period, and here you can see why.

A call to trade is printed in fat and is above the seam. For this example, the firm opted for a more blog-like homepage (or a one-page page approach) that provides much more information about the invention. Many visual elements, imaginative texts and the use of interactivity in web design make this possible. Animation headlines are a great way to record more than one message on a line.

These homepage is wonderfully made. In particular, I enjoy the use of whitespace, high-contrast colours and customer-oriented design. Headlines are clear and convincing, as is the call to act. How do you feel about these websites? Any other great website themes I've been missing?

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