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Create 20 memorable web design collections to help you create your own website. It' s full of tens of millions of design portfolio on the web, and attracting the interest of a prospective employers in this crowded employment space can be quite a challenging task. In order to excel in this difficult environment, it is important to make your portfolio as compelling as possible. Previously, we talked about the importance of web development portfolio and gave a number of hints that can help you build a truly great portfolio.

Today we highlight those who don't need help building stunning portfolio. Inside this review you will find 20 excellent portfolio pages from individuals and design firms around the world - each with a unique characteristic that distinguishes them. With Robby, an interactivity is integrated into his portfolio. By associating a portfolio with a hard and fast set of facts, you may be surprised by this portfolio.

But Robby found a new way to represent what was otherwise arid information - designing his portfolio site as a video game that the visitors could actually use. You' ll be scrolling with pleasure in this incredible funny design portfolio. What makes it stand out is that Yul has created a truly one-of-a-kind feel on his website.

Inspired by the 80s, he actually dedicated his portfolio to the age. An one-sided lay-out with nested video, pictures and smart scrolling shows all his experiences and abilities. While Daniel shows both his graphics and web design abilities. Daniel is both a graphics and web design artist and shows his abilities in his portfolio in an excellent way.

Using many styles of HTML style sheet ing and animations, he makes everything come to live and makes it a truly energetic game. ToyFight's beautiful minimum and easily navigable portfolio is a treat for the eye. Combining a minimalist design with vivid colours will create an environment of creative activity and invite the visitor to stay longer on the site.

Schurk uses illustrations and wit to inspire people. On their portfolio website, the Schurk entertainment duet shows their humorous approach. While scrolling down, you will see interesting and funny cartoons that emphasize the duo's talents. Reco Zero is a creativity agency specializing in marketing strategies and online creativity.

This portfolio is like a real electronic mag - full of nice pictures and beautifully chosen fonts. There are 5 easy ways to make your portfolio website look fresh. Vokine follows the latest design fashions. Splitting screens - a display subdivided into two parts - is the latest development in design. This technology is integrated into Wokine's homepage design without errors.

Its portfolio itself is ultra-minimalistic, with plenty of distance and easy colour scheme. The result is a good level of visibility and an ability to see at a single look what is important. Lawwork is an independant studios located in Denver, CO. Generate animations and interactivity. annah Purmort is a design artist who believe in design that unites you.

Your website is a good example of how to interact with pictures and colors - it uses the colour reds for pathfinding and navigating. Wundersite Workshop has found the ideal combination of function and aesthetic for its portfolio. Only because a portfolio site needs to be well crafted doesn't mean it needs to be flamboyant.

Indeed, many efficient portfolio websites tend to take a minimalistic view of the design of the website itself. It really stands out due to the high level of detail within this portfolio. Tim Smith, a London-based London design and artists, presents his portfolio in a way that is both easy and impressive. Choose from 12 beautiful portfolio websites to create your own design.

The Lounge Lizard portfolio provides a relaxing ambience. They call themselves "brand tenders", and this portfolio of beam motifs is a perfect match for their work and styling. Its portfolio is full of in-depth case histories and information presented in a warm and welcoming manner. The portfolio site gives a feeling of luxuriousness. The Femme Fatale is a creativity workshop that focuses on the production of works of fine arts.

Describing itself as "somewhere between refinement and simplicity", the team's portfolio perfectly mirrors this tone: powerful images, dark colour patterns and sharp fonts give it a demanding look. In his portfolio Tobias Ahlin sums it up: "I design and construct electronic goods. The Stink Studio shows a large number of different project.

At Stink Studios, we focus on assisting forward-thinking customers to be successful in today and tomorrow and in the future of today and tomorrow as well as in the digital culture. A brick floor plan is used for the studio's work. There is a long line of web sites, advertising campaigns and even VR/360 adventures. What makes it special: Bert uses a mask ot to make an unforgettable time. The Dutch Bert creativity studios present their work in the areas of brands, design and engineering in an entertaining and appealing way.

Seaan wraps his portfolio with character. Portfolio is more than a listing of works - it is a way to present your personal abilities and your personalities as a creator. Not only does he create a portfolio, but a small lush garden where you can explore how he can help you create the ideal location.

With Patrick, his whole portfolio is brought together on a one page site. Patrick and his portfolio is a great example of a one-sided, elongated website. Viewers are scrolling along the lovely heroic section to a series of sample project he has worked on, followed by a shortcut to live communications. Easy and yet very efficient.

The London studio Stereo Creative has designed this easy but effective portfolio site. Stereoscopic stereo is intended to establish a deep emotive link with the visitor. And Steven makes a great introduction for his portfolio. The first thing they see when a visitor enters Steven's website is a beautiful cloud effect. The creation of a great web design portfolio is a trip that requires a great deal of work ( it takes much getting used to, it takes a long amount of study and it takes a long time) - but it is definitely rewarding.

When you are successful, your portfolio will prove the breadth of your skills as a creativity pro, present your thinking processes and give prospective employer or client an idea of what it might be like to work with you. Hopefully some of the portfolio samples presented in this review will help you to expand your design portfolio.

What portfolio locations do you find most inspiring?

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