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Beautifully designed website templates have hundreds of customizable features. Each template is only a starting point. In this category you will find our most creative templates. Explore our collection of high quality, responsive website designs & templates.

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Seite 1 von 2: Using website templates for your website design may have a dubious image with web design and development people, but there are many good practices created by some truly intelligent people. These website templates offer stunning web design ideas for creative people without a web design wallpaper and for web pros as well.

As an illustration of the point, we've put together some good choices that might open your eye to the opportunities that templates provide - at least when they're written by someone who knows what they're doing. The web templates are made for Bootstrap, HTML5, Adobe Muse, WordPress, Tumblr, Jekyll, Barsch, SASS, Statamic and Ghost.

In a number of pricing categories (including some free) there should be a site here that is perfect for your website. Benris WordPress Topic is definitely a great place to look if you like free material. It' a versatile design that comes with Visual Composer, Ultimate VC, LayerSlider and more, and if you need to get it up and run quickly, it offers a vast set of pre-built demonstration pages that you can easily set up with a click.

Tersus for Adobe Muse CC offers a good way to build stylish and professionally designed collections. Only $25 buys you a set of 14 ready-made, high-quality templates, many with must-have capabilities such as pallax scroll, full-screen movie, and vibrant slide shows. Typekit offers a choice of several hundred typefaces, as well as Wow. js and Animate integrations. Wow. js and Animate. bss for the creation of fluid unveiling anime.

The Rhythm is a fully reactive single and multi-page website model, and for just $17, it offers many functions and choices for your budget. The bootstrap-based HTML5 templates offer over 50 pre-configured demonstration pages for working with more than 40 customizable background pages, color themes and contents as well as pallax fonts and beautifully slick animations.

From the beginning, it pampers you with over 70 pre-built demonstration pages that you can work with, that cover almost every web design option, and it makes it simple for you to build your own layout from the ground up. Featuring ultra-reactive layout and WooCommerce integrations, it comes bundled with some free premier plug-ins, and designers are always interested in receiving proposals for new styles and functionality.

But if you fancy hovering around for the coolest effect, but use Adobe Muse and find it a little hard to deploy, Flaunt can be the solution to your problem. Not only is it a straightforward and fully reactive style sheet, it also circumvents the limitations of Muse's over-effect with some user-defined styles. Featuring over 50 slippery hidden object features, from which you can select both text and pictures, you can easily make outstanding muse pages, and with just $16 Flaunt is also a good deal.

Ocarine Themes' versatile one- and multi-page original Definity is based on Bootstrap 3 and comes with all the trimmings. It responds 100 percent to awesome functions like movie wallpapers, hyper effect and pallax scroll, and its robust design makes it simple to move parts of your pages until you've finished nailing your page to the ground.

The price is only $29 and Definition offers several website templates and store designs. Enfold was developed to be the most user-friendly WordPress topic ever developed. Enfold is a rich and fully reactive design suited for commercial websites, on-line shops (with WooCommerce support) and portals. Grab and start building your own design with the Grab and Grab and Grab templates constructor, but it also comes with a batch of pre-built demonstrations that will get you inspired.

Porto HTML5 comes for just $16 and includes a pile of home page fashions, as well as limitless headers and a styleswitch that lets you customize your website on the go. Maple has six main motivations you'll like, its designers say: its daring and original design; the fact that it's reactive and retina-ready; the way it offers bright and deep styling; its multiple sidebars background; its multiple sidebars and how incredibly simple it is to use.

Featuring 15 layouts plus lots of functions and Widgets, it gives you the value of your cash for $49. When you can have over 210, why content yourself with one topic? BeTheme is described as the most exhaustive, extensive and versatile HTML templates for commercial or private Web sites, and is packed with everything it takes.

Completely reactive and retinal, with all the parallaxes and soft scroll functions you would expected, it is an utterly monstrous and the greatest headaches it will cause that you will try to select from the huge range of ready-made websites. NOHO is specifically engineered for creativity pros and is easily edited in Adobe Muse so you can get your agent website or your business online in a flash.

The templates are available in a variety of styles, including Desktops, Tablets and Mobiles, as well as various layout options, and you'll find numerous functions such as slide controls, pallax scroll bars, and CSS roller-overs. With self-confidence, Jupiter defines itself as the quickest and easiest WordPress topic in the word, and its latest release has been entirely reworked and revamped to provide lightning-fast pages that won't beat up your processor or deplete your battery.

Uses GNU rendered to enable fluid pallax scanning, has adaptable picture resolutions to make sure images look great regardless of the device, and comes with over 85 templates if you don't have enough spare seconds to create your own pages using the drag-and-drop interfaces. PXThemes specializes in ghost templates and topics, and Summer is one of the most beloved offers.

$19 gives you a neat and easy way to create a style sheet with many custom features to highlight your contents, plus authors pages and full-screen cover art, parallel axis backgrounds for blogs, and Foundation 5 and Disqus integrations. Portfolios and templates are incredibly quick, with a number of variation and very intelligent typefaces.

At $39, it's retina-ready and portable, and in use it looks like a high-end photography journaling application like Storehouse. "you could say if you consider that Bootstrap is really a shell and not a model. That' right, but as the samples show, even the bootstrap default values look quite good if you have a design concept in mind that uses a wide variety of images and background.

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