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Website Design Web Development

As a rule, web designers are responsible for the design of the visual layout of websites. Outstanding designers are good at utilizing a variety of concepts such as color collocation, typesetting, spatial relationships, and user experience. Where is the difference between a web designer and a web developer? Consider web designers as those who turn an idea or story into a visually appealing design, and use their layout to build the user experience across the site. You design the look and feel of the website.


Our Google Analytics service tells us that organizations are looking for both Web Design Company and Web Development Company. Today, these concepts are practically substitutable as "web companies" take turns in the way they describe their service. True enough, the concepts refer to two radically different facets of the website creation lifecycle that require two distinct skills.

What is it important that you know the differences when you are looking for someone to design and build your company's website? Essentially, web design relates both to the aesthetics of the website and to its user-friendliness. A web designer uses various design tools, such as Adobe Photoshop, to design the website page layouts and other design features.

Website creators on the other side, take a website design and actually make a working website out of it. Website creators use HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and other computer language to make the design work. A web designer must always start by considering the goals of a customer's website and then move to an information architecture (IA) to define the information hierachy of a website and control the design processes.

Next, web design professionals can begin wireframe creation and move on to the design phase. There are several fundamental design philosophies web designer can use to produce an esthetically appealing design that also provides an outstanding usability experience. Balancing - It is important for web designer to make a balance design. Web design refers to heavier (large and deep colors) and bright (small and bright colors) items.

The use of the right ratio of everyone is crucial for a good web design. Website design provides some other areas where contrasts are appropriate. Designer look at opposing dimensions, textures and forms to identify and highlight specific areas of the site. The focus is on a design principle based on deliberately "highlighting" certain important aspects of the website design.

consistency - Also referred to as replication or rhythms, consistence is a crucial web design concept. Unit - Oneness is the relation between the different parts of the website design and the overall composing. Weavers, sometimes referred to as coders, take the design they create and create a fully functional website. In order to put it (very) easily, think of the design as a non-interactive "image" of a website.

Designers take this design and disassemble it into its component parts. You will then use either only HTML or a more dynamical way with PHP to create the different pages of the website. Intermediate web designers can opt for a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla to rationalize development and provide customers with an easier way to service and upgrade their website.

Web designers can transform a fixed look and feel design into a live website using picture and contents slider, link and button states, and other interactivity. Small and medium-sized businesses looking for a website or redesigning their current website may be puzzled by the blurry line around the concepts of web design and web development.

" While there are individual developers who can do both, many organizations have committed web site layouts created by committed web developers who then submit the design file to a developer who finalizes the development phase. I hope this will help eliminate the frequent misunderstanding that design and development are one.

Are you of the opinion that design and development are two different things?

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