Web Development Blogs 2016

2016 Web Development Blogs

Best 11 web development blogs you should read now. Released 15 December 2016Last updated 15 February 2017. Best-of-breed web development & programming blogs for 2017. You have many articles about web design, writing, web development and more.

A blog that deals with web design and development and contains many tutorials and code excerpts.

Best-of-Breed Web Development & Programming Blogs for 2017

Blogs are a good way to see how other programmers use different framework and tool. We have a lot of great development blogs out there, so we've put together a listing of our team's favourites, along with top selections from some of our peer development fellows. These blogs are sorted in order of alphabet.

2ality Blogs, edited by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer, is a 2ality Blogs with a focus on JavaScript, web development and wireless compute. Since 2005 this blogs exists and still exists quite often. Addedy is writing about React, DevTools and UI devices to name a few. Recent contributions to his book on " React. js Web Applications Progressive" have received some attention from the open code comunity.

As a React developer, they are definitely a good reading! Someone who could better study JavaScript than the creator of JS himself? Brendan hasn' t been updating his blogs for some time, but his archive has articles from 2004. It' quite interesting to be reading about the development of JS and web development!

Clark Lin has written and illustrated great stories to help us understand how they work. "One of the most cutting-edge ways to write about encoding we've seen is through this blogs! You may know that Dan Abramov developed Redux and is now a member of the React Corebrand on Facebook. He' s mainly about - you guess it - Redux and React.

Dave wrote about JavaScript, Node. js, HTML5, HTML5, CMS and a variety of other web-nologies. Often his contributions try to resolve a frequent issue or to find the best possible answer for a particular feature. derek is an enterpreneur, softwares engineer and blogsman from texas. It' s blogs are ideal for backend designers who want to concentrate on JavaScript and Node.js.

The JavaScript Playground, managed by Jack Franklin, features JavaScriptutorials that cover BackboneJS, FirefoxOS, NodeJS and jQuery technology. Many different types of technology are covered in this blogs, so it's especially suitable for full-stack development. It blogs most often about Angular and JavaScript. There are great posts in this blogs about Node. js, JavaScript and DevOps.

It' definitely a must if you are a backend programmer! The Smashing Magazine is a great source for web development professionals and designer. There are six main types of post: Programming, Web Content, Web Content, UX and WordPress. He is a Telerik Development Advocate, Google Development Expert and Spokesperson.

His most frequent articles are about Angular and JavaScript. After all, although this is a web development blog listing, we wanted to record two of our favourite blogs of all times. The blogs are more light-hearted and talk about programming in general. The Daily WTF is a "how-not-to guide pour l'developing software," as indicated on The Daily WTF's website.

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