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With the collapse of the dotcom bubble, website pros suffered layoffs and other cuts, and investors and executives had to leave. Warning necessary! cloud flickering The completion of the CAPTCHA will prove that you are a person and will give you transient control over the Web feature. How can I avoid this in the near term? When you are on a face-to-face session, like at home, you can run a viral check on your machine to make sure it is not running infected with any malware.

When you are in an Office or share a remote site, you can ask the site manager to perform a full audit across the entire site to search for incorrectly configured or compromised equipment. A further possibility to deny access to this site in the near term is the use of the Privacy Pass.

assessment criteria

Click here for an offical website of the US federal administration. Links will take you to a website that provides formal US federal information or service. Links lead to websites with contents that complement information, as well as information, product and service offerings on the DOT site where they are published.

Furthermore, all DOT website linkages must satisfy all of the following criteria: This website contains contents which are of relevance, useful and binding for individuals, companies and/or representatives of governments. This website, which is referenced, contains information that seems correct and up-to-date. This website, which is referenced, has a post posting that clearly explains the company's information management practice.

Website to be interlinked is "user-friendly". A DOT may publish a link to any publically accessible Government Web site unless instructed to do so by the Web site owner Web site owner-agent. Websites held or endorsed by the Governments usually have . gov, . mil or .fed. us domain names, but some may end up with . com, . org or .net from time to time.

The DOT may also establish hyperlinks to Web pages established through partnership between the German Federal Administration and the German social security system, as well as to Web pages of state and municipal authorities. Occasionally, DOT Web Sites may include hyperlinks to Web pages that are not held or endorsed by governments, provided that such Web pages make available information and/or service provided by the governments in a manner not available on an authorized Web page of the governments.

The DOT Web site provides these hyperlinks as a convenience to the user so that the user can obtain information or receive related Web site visit information or related Web site related Web site related Web site related Web site related Web site related services. No DOT website is linked to any website that displays hatred, distortion or discriminatory practices. In addition, DOT retains the right to refuse or delete any hyperlink that contains deceptive information or unfounded claim or that is inconsistent with DOT's Mission or policy.

Information published on the DOT Web Site may contain hyperlinks or references to information produced and updated by other publicly and/or privately owned companies. The DOT provides these hyperlinks and references exclusively for the information and comfort of our use. Visitors who choose a hyperlink to an external Web site leave the DOT Web site and are bound by the data protection and safety guidelines of the owners/sponsors of the external Web site.

The user must obtain such permission from the sponsors of the referenced website.

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