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Safeguard your privacy and use only HTTPS to "surf" the Internet. The Web Freer is a fast HTTPS browser that encrypts browser sessions. Free download for Windows 10, 8 and 7 Web Freer 2.0.0.


They are a little reticent, and they are looking for ways to keep their information safe. By hiding the true IP addresses through proxies and other web application, Web Freer is an outstanding way to navigate the world. It' a great web explorer that routes your connections through a HTTPS secure HTTP proxieserver and hides your true IP, a great way to secure your private sphere.

Typically, webmasters still use cookie for your browsing, and for reasons of personal confidentiality you need to set them up in seconds. The Web Freer is an ideal option for all those who need to safeguard their private sphere, as your link is secure and your IP is concealed.

You can find a bunch of online proxies, you can do a great thing with these utilities, but why should you do that if you can use a free web browsing service? Which is a proxyserver? Usually, a proxies erver removes the user credentials and assigns an unknown name.

If you are accessing a particular Web site with a different Internet Protocol (IP) address, for example, if you live in the United States of America, you may have an Internet Protocol (IP) address from the United Kingdom. When we talk about the Web Freer user experience, we don't have much to say.

It' a neat and uncomplicated web browser designed for those who need to remain sheltered. The Webfreer is a great option and an easy to deploy tool. You can download the exe and use it with just a few mouse clicks. Just a few mouse clicks later.

Download Web Freer for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1 (64 bit)

Now, when you just open your web browsing and start looking on the web, you are leaving a huge trace that leads you straight to your home to someone with the right people. The Web Freer forwards your web access through a proprietary HTTPS secured HTTPS proxieserver, which does not disclose your home address.

You can find many kinds of proxies found on-line. It is also important to keep in mind that the use of proxies does a good job of protecting you from someone who has access to your computer directly, so you don't snoop around on your work. In particular, a proxieserver used to delete information that identifies a client with the aim of anonymizing them is called anonymieserver.

The Web Freer is licenced as free version for the Windows 32 and 64 bits without limitations. You will find it in the anonymized proxies section and it is available to all our customers as a free download.

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