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To keep the domain email server on Godaddy, but host the site with DO. Configuring Godaddy Email on Android. In addition to web hosting, GoDaddy also offers email services that can fit your website.

Hello. Right now I have a hosted share with Godaddy.

Hello. Right now I have a hosted share with Godaddy. To keep the Godaddy email site, but use DO to help me keep the site hosted. Simply keep the email DNA record as you have it and modify the required A/CNAME record on your DO webservers.

Then, Web sites can be harbored on your dropplet.

Email Web Forms Builder with GoDaddy

I' ve been spending countless hours getting either a verification email or a notice email to work. I' ve created some more complicated blanks, but I haven't managed to get a basic blanks for sending notifications or confirmations. Here is my test request page. http://www.cregeens.com/temp/gotest/gotest.html It will upload your files to mySQL, but will not mail you.

I' ve tried every possible combo I can think of to make it work, such as no login or passwords (''), because a Go-Daddy item states that login and passwords are not used.

To resolve GoDaddy blocking emails from contact lists

When you use GoDaddy as your Web site or have customers who use GoDaddy, you may have issues with forms submission on your WordPress Web site that do not get through. I' ve seen this for customers who have both web hosted with GoDaddy and email hosted with GoDaddy. This problem has to do with the fact that GoDaddy blocks the built-in WordPress/PhpMail feature.

In order to avoid this, I used the WP SMTP email plug-in. By reconfiguring the wp_mail() feature to use the SMTP instead of mail(), this plug-in will create an option page where you can specify various different choices. The following should work for those who use GoDaddy mail: You can also choose to submit a test email on the plugin's option page (accessible via the "Email" shortcut on the "Settings" page of the WordPress Dashboard).

When using GoDaddy, make sure you test your Gravity Forms and Contact form 7 plug-ins with your GoDaddy email inbox. The reason you don't receive email notifications after submitting the email is because GoDaddy blocks them. When you do not use GoDaddy for e-mail, these preferences do not work.

Keep up for an impending blogs posting on other work-arounds for those of you who use different web host ers or email provider and also run into this kind of email block problem.

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