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Repairing it: Email from GoDaddy not synchronized (IMAP does not work)

My smart phone, my computer, and my notebook are used for my work, and I try to synchronize my e-mail through my mobile phones so that I can see all my e-mails, regardless of which phone I use. I tried to set this up myself, but my email is downloaded randomly to one of the three machines and nothing is synchronized.

As I was checking my computer, some e-mail was downloading all the time, while others were found on my smart phone and some on my notebook. It'?s a big jumble, and it's all out of synch! When I asked Allan if he would like me to contact him through my remote desk top tech services to take a close look at this mail servers setup, he said he would.

Primarily, if you want to synchronize e-mail using more than one machine, the e-mail clients must be configured so that the e-mail mail servers use the IMAP protocols. The IMAP abbreviation for " internet message access protocols " was designed to substitute POP3 ("post office protocol"), which has been used since the beginning of the world wide web.

IMAP's great benefit over POP3 is that you can synchronize your e-mails across multiple machines. All changes to your email - whether you are deleting a note or responding to a note - are immediately displayed on all your machines. IMAP stores all your email messages on a central email storage location; with POP3, the opposite is the case - email is sent to the machine when you click on " Sending and Receiving ".

As I was scanning Allan's computer, his POP3 email servers preferences were made. It was interesting when I was searching Google for "godaddy mailserver settings" that I came across every GoDaddy website. com had instructions on how to create a POP3 accounts, but not for IMAP. Only IMAP preferences I could find were from third parties who said that the IMAP preferences were as follows:

But when I change this to Allan's email clients, the email logon fails with a Cryptic Errors dialog. Following further research, I found that in order to use GoDaddy with the IMAP, Allan has to make an additional payment to switch to an "unlimited plan". Imagine in the day of smart phones, tables and more than one home computer - almost universal use of instant messaging (IMAP) on any email servers I've ever worked with at no additional cost - so it's almost impossible to spend more on this " full feat " payment system.

That' s totally intolerable when you consider that Allan has already spent $600 on 5 years of web hosting, which is equivalent to $10 a monthly. Following some further research, I proposed that he move his host to NameCheap, which calculates only $24.88 per year for his "stellar" host and contains both IMAP and POP3 protocol for the email server - and a ton more functionality at no surcharge.

By far this is the most affordable web site I could find, all in all; actually GoDaddy wanted to calculate for the same functions (including "whoisguard") $17 per months - yes - yikes cheap - are you joking?! After I brought Allan to NameCheap, the issue was fixed. In addition, I was able to add web mail to his email address so that he could directly get his email from his website.

It' amazingly handy when you're travelling and don't have your smart phone or notebook accessible to retrieve email. You can use any computer anywhere (e.g. in a hotel) and login to your website to get your e-mails. The best thing about it is that it doesn't add any costs to NameCheap!

Exclusion of liability: I do not hotel my website with NameCheap; I lease my own web site elsewhere. NamenCheap is my website administrator - because as the name says, the rates are outrageously low (and they have a great web interface). I' m not part of Namecheap's Website Partner Programme (Referral Programme) and don't get payed to refer individuals to NameCheap; instead, I get nothing but happiness when I suggest that a user move away from bloated, high-priced web hostings provided by places like GoDaddy.

When you need to hoster your website at GoDaddy and synchronize your email across multiple IMAP device boundaries, I can help you move from GoDaddy to another location - be it NameCheap or another one. With over 17 years of web-hosteling, website development and configuration, website automization, DNS, email server and everything related to website operation - whether commercial or private.

When you have a computer issue - or even a computer issue that needs to be fixed - please email me with your issue so I can post more of them.

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