Web page Maker Templates

Webpage Maker Templates

Prefabricated website templates are included. You can customize any part of your template. Access hundreds of advanced settings from head to toe to create a fully personalized website template. Offline Website Builder provides you with a wide range of templates that allow you to create websites for completely different purposes. It will be nice to see when you can add more blocks/templates in time.

Free-of-charge website templates

and is a highly respected provider of website creation software, specializing in the research and development of website creation software. It is our aim to give our customers the power, reliability and efficiency to create web pages in order to facilitate the creation of web pages and websites. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any problems using our product.

Webpage-Maker with templates for the free download

It allows you to build custom web sites simply and painlessly through your point and click designs. Apart from capturing screen shots of the firmware, only the text was typed in and the firmware did the work! It is not another elaborate text editing tool like any other web designer program. Automatic creation of graphic and dropdown lists according to the selected layout, which saves you a lot of effort and costs.

Allows you to modify the overall look, layout & feeling of your website with a single click. Page Maker with templates to create great sites is a free web page builder from the Other sub-category that is part of the Business group. The web page creator with templates for great web sites (version 9.0) has a filesize of 5.91 megabytes (.91 MB) and can be downloaded from our website.

So far the programme has been 3059 downloads. We' ve already verified that the downloading links are secure, but for your own safety we suggest that you use your anti-virus to check the downloading process. You can find the Web Page Maker Changlog here with templates for great web sites since it was published on our website on 28.04.2005.

Below are the changes in each version:

Add a Forms to Web Page Maker

2. Click the Publishing button on the ribbon, click the Embedded button, and then choose Embedded from the embedding option drop-down box. Please copy the token under "Paste this token on your website". At the Web Page Maker: Choose Html or Script from the Insert drop-down menus. Insert your HTML into the HTML editor pane, then press Ctrl-V on your keypad.

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