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Installing and managing your applications - Help with your Web Store needs From the Chrome Web Store, you can download and run applications. As soon as you have it up and running, you can keep an eye on what you have up and running and delete an application if you want. Please note: Some applications in the Chrome Web Store are only available on Chromebooks and do not work on Windows, Mac or Linux.

Visit the Chrome Web Store. On the Chrome page, click On Chrome, or if it's a pay application, click Buy. Please note: If you have installed an application at work or at work, some applications may be disabled. Use your telephone to download and deploy free applications to your computer remotely: If you are not yet logged in, log in to Chrome.

Search the web in a Chat menu and find the desired application. Touch on Add to Desktop. Touch To Desktop in the displayed screen. Next that you open the Chrome application on your computer, you will see a warning message that an application has been securely downloaded and used. Occasionally, you will also see the authorizations that the application needs.

Click On Chrome on the developer's website to download and deploy the application. In order to delete an application from Chrome: Open in a new chrome://apps register card. Right click on the application and choose Remove from Chrome. You will be presented with a prompt asking if you want to delete the application. Press Delete. When you' re running Windows, Mac, or Linux, you can link to open applications more quickly.

Now you can place these key combinations on your desktops or in your menu. Select where you want to view the links on your computer. Displays a complete listing of all currently running apps: Visit the Chrome Web Store. Please click on your applications.

MobileFor mobiles, Apache Cordova makes it easy to migrate your product to natively Android and iPhone applications.

MobileFor mobiles, Apache Cordova makes it easy to migrate your Apache Cordova applications to natively Android and iPhone applications. As an alternative, you can freely select which preferred payments processor you use. FreemiumA free evaluation of your software that asks you to pay for it in order to enable enhanced functionality or get it back after a certain period of use.

Unique payees buy your products by making a one-time advance payout available. Hint: This is the only monetisation options for topics. Membership subscribers acquire rights to your products on a subscriptions base.

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