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Java programming inómo - Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel

Dr. Harvey Deitel" is one of the world's top computer scientists and course leaders and has written more than a dozen works. Paul Deitel "has lectured Visual Basic, Java, C and C++ at a number of hard- and softwares enterprises, among them Sun Microsystems, Digital Equipment Corporation, IBM, Open Environment Corporation, Adra Systems and Cambridge Technology Partners, and is himself an experienced engineer.

Deitels are principles of Deitel & Associates, Inc, an internationally recognized educational institution that specializes in Visual Basic, Java, C and C++ and enterprise technology. Mr. Paul J. Deitel, CEO and Chief Technical Officer of Deitel & Associates, Inc. is a MIT Sloan School of Management alumnus, where he graduated in Information Technology.

Holder of the Java Certified Programmer and Java Certified Developer certificates, he has been recognized as a Java Champion by Sun Microsystems. About Deitel & Associates, Inc, C, C, C, C++, C# and Industrial Vision Basics classes, among them IBM, Sun Microsystems, Dell, Lucent Technologies, Fidelity, NASA at Kennedy Space Center, National Severe Storm Laboratory, White Sands Missile Range, Rogue Wave Software, Boeing, Stratus, Cambridge Technology Partners, Open Environment Corporation, One Wave, Hyperion Software, Adra Systems, Entergy, CableData Systems, Nortel Networks, Puma, iRobot, Invensys and many more.

In addition, he has given lectures on Java and C++ for the Boston Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery. Deitel are the world's best-selling writers of textbooks for computer languages. Dr. Harvey M. Deitel, Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of Deitel & Associates, Inc. has over 45 years of academical and industrial computer expertise.

Dr. Deitel holds B.S. and M.S. from MIT and a Ph.D. from Boston University. Deitel has over 20 years lecturing and employment history as well as chairing the Computer Science Department at Boston College before establishing Deitel & Associates, Inc. with his son Paul J. Deitel Deitel Deitel.

Him and Paul are the co-authors of several dozens of textbooks and multi-media packs, and they write many more. Dr. Deitel has conducted several hundred specialist training courses for large enterprises, academia, government agencies and the armed forces.

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