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Definitely gonna buy more templates here if necessary. QuelldateienBuy a template, get HTML & PSD source files and customize them.

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You should use a pattern?

Ultimately, I think beginners web designers should use templates. By templates, I mean something you could buy from ThemeForest or another templates sales outlet. Optimize = Learn. The templates must be modified, modified or optimized. That'?s the whole concept of a pattern. If a novice does these things, he learns how codes work.

Optimizing WordPress topics is exactly how I got into web designing. Once the page is "finished", a novice has something to be proud of. Suppose the submission is well encoded, the novice will look at a good amount of good mark-up and well-organized, effective style sheet. This is a great introduction to frontend redesign, as distinct from the kind of mark-up an introduction to an HTML manual could begin with.

What if you're not a rookie? When you are a freelance design artist (as in, a customer came to you with web needs and you will be building a customized website for them, and you will be charging them more than a few hundred dollars), then the use of a submission, excuse me, is bulshit.

It is the task of a design engineer to take the needs of the customer and the upcoming restrictions into consideration and to find a suitable remedy. Quite the opposite, I think, might be the case for designers where recycled coding that has exactly the same features is probably the right way to go. I' ve had some interesting discussions with people lately about the concept of marketing codes and design.

An interesting part is how the sales of templates are largely done with your fingers up and the sales of codes are largely done with your fingers down. Admittedly I can fully refer to those sentiments, but I've ruled that if it's nice for a designer to get rewarded to resell their crafts, it should be nice for a developer to get rewarded to resell hers (regardless of license issues).

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