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Twenty-five free templates for your distribution website What you should use is one of the most challenging choices you will make when you set up your online store. We' ve searched the web for free templates for your retail website, searched for items in different category to help you limit your quest and make a choice. Have a look at the 25 templates that we have selected for you and subdivided into several different catagories. Below are samples of templates that work on any type of retail website. No matter whether you are selling clothing, service, electronic or accessory products, the experience that these templates offer does not deviate far from what is regarded as the standard for e-commerce templates.

Designed to fit any display format, this pattern has an appealing look. In addition, there are at least 11 different kinds of pages available for your online store, and you can add a blogsite, a basket and a check out page. You can use this modell to sell your most favorite product in your area.

Ustora also has a section on its website where you can enter important information such as return policy or inform your customers that shipping and handling are covered by the prices of your product. There are more ways to customize this style sheet than the last two and it has an appealing look.

By dividing the homepage into four sections, the templates give you the choice of displaying your product in a listed or raster form. The Universal take their name seriously and this style lets you build a greater diversity of pages, with 45 different pages that you can use on your e-commerce site.

You can also use Google Maps with this pattern to attach your site to the contacts page, and it's optimized for sending SMS. Iolk is a very up-to-date tool that allows you to integrate button icons that take your users to the online shop's online content. It is also optimized for portable use and works with most major browser platforms.

Using a more general stance that works for most kinds of websites for retail distribution, New Store allows consumers to take a better look at the items by zoom in on the images. You can also insert button clicks that customers click to put a item in the basket, but still remain on the same page, and your choice of items will be clearly displayed.

Made in 2015, this temple has uniquely designed slider controls that allow you to highlight specific items in your online store. It is one of the few templates on this page that has a less horizontally and more quadratic design. It works like any other store and is a design that should be tried with your customers to see if they react better to the peculiar look of this design.

It is one of the most diverse and adaptable templates. It can be used for virtually any type of commercial website, and mPurpose is also very customizable compared to the other types we mention. At first glance this may look like a draft for apparel sites, but it can be used for any type of store.

Even though these generics templates work for any type of e-commerce store, the apparel and fashions industries have a few special features that you should consider when selecting a templates. Therefore, we have selected some templates specially tailored to this sector, which you can use for your on-line store.

In the first example on our mailing lists you will find a section where you can insert testimonials from satisfied clients to advertise your company. These templates focus on the homepage and not on the entire store, which is useful if you want to emphasize your celebrity items because you have more room to describe them to your clients.

Nanair has a menu that can be minimized so that users can see more than one product at a time. These templates also include preview pictures that enlarge when the cursor is over them. The Obaju is a model that has similar functions to the other ones we used.

Designed for the sale of jewelry, this model allows customers to choose the kind of jewelry or metals they are looking for before starting their search. The Nuevo is not very different from the other templates we have talked about here, which are oriented towards fashions. Its advantage is that it is very adaptable and concentrates on showing the best possible image qualities of the product on your website.

Like the name Mode Mania says, this design is aimed at apparel-sites. Among the features that set it apart from the masses is the fact that it was itself built by a trendy e-commerce website. When your website has nothing to do with clothes and jewelry and you need more room to incorporate your product's specification, we have selected some templates for selling electronic and automotive items.

The templates provide more room for description and don't concentrate as much on styling as the above choices. Supporting customers on-line with participants who know about the offered product is a good policy if you are active in this area. There are two different templates that you can select from for your electronic e-commerce site, and a third one is being designed.

Two templates are available: one is a single page focusing on the specification of the products and the other allows you to set up a corporate logo. Third will be an HTML style sheet that adapts to different display heights. Car Online, which is dedicated solely to the automobile industry, allows you to build a online store that sells all kinds of products or services related to automobiles and motorcycles.

You can use this modell for the sale of parts or service, e.g. rent a vehicle. There is an exlusive computer, cell phone or tablet edition, as well as a mix of templates that works on all machines. Home Shoppe Online is one of the most complete templates for selling electronic goods and home appliance.

After all, this pattern was specially developed for stores that sell household goods. You can also use the templates to build e-commerce websites that look similar to eBay. Whilst there is a tendency for transaction in this area to be bigger than in many other industries, don't miss to read our 8 alternative PayPal e-commerce lists.

As the first submission in this section, Mattress is a submission for the sale of items for the bedrooms, such as closets, bedding, mattresses and cushions. However, this submission does not have some of the different functions that some of the other items on this page have, but it does allow you to emphasize certain items on the target page.

These templates can, however, be used by any website that works with home architecture or furnishing exhibition. Designed specifically for the sale of lights such as lamp shades and lamps. That means that Lichning provides the users with a singular lay-out where the emphasis is on the product and its specification. Efforts are also made to obtain high image qualities so that purchasers can verify product availability in detail.

Furnyish was developed for the sale of mattresses and is quite similar to the mattress, but just like Luxury and Furnish it offers a broader palette of companies in this field. It' s unlimited, and it hardly differs from the other templates listed here, so a good thing is to try it out before you decide which one is best for your needs.

Lastly, the last group on our shortlist, the templates below, were developed with a view to promoting a trademark, providing related professional training and eventing. It is intended for wedding related goods and related service. Shape is designed for the gym and has similar functionality to the templates already discussed, such as interoperability with portable equipment and all major browser platforms.

Did you find the right templates for your e-commerce site and are you prepared to take the next steps?

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