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The Paletton is a classic that all web designers should know. All you need to know about YOOtheme, a WordPress theme and Page Builder. Create a layout template using the Layouts subgenerator Take a look, for example, at the 1-2-1 column CE color scheme shown below: Illustration 1: The 1-2-1 column CE page layouts create a beautiful stream for your contents. DXP and 0 offer you several layouts to select from. If you want to modify the layouts for your page and see the layouts you have already set up, open the Edit Your Page menus, scroll under the Navigation section of the product menus, and scroll down to the Layouts section.

When you want to make your own customized layouts, you've come to the right place. To be able to generate a layouts using the subgenerator Layouts, the Node. js build tool must be present. Perform these procedures to complete a design template: At the command prompt, open the command line and browse to the folder where you want to place your design style.

Illustration 3: The subgenerator artwork automation automatizes the workflow. If you run the subgenerator Layout from the home of a theme generated with the theme generator, the style sheet is added as part of the theme in the src/layouttpl folder. Type a name and ID for your style sheet, or hit Return to apply the defaults.

This is where the designing part of the artwork begins. The generator specifies that layouts are used to build Bootstrap's grids. Each line has 12 segments, so the column sizes are from 1 to 12. Subgenerator is easy to use, so you can easily insert and delete lines and column.

Type the number of rows for line 1. After you type a value, the generator asks you how broad you want your line and collection to be, and displays the available width(s). Select one of the available options using the arrows and hit Return to make your choice.

The generator will redo this operation for the rest of the column if you still have room. Using the arrows, navigate to where you want to paste your line, highlight it marked in color-blue and press Return to paste the line. Illustration 4: Lines can be added using the vi keyboard layouts. Using the arrows, highlight the line you want to delete in color highlighted in color X, then hit Return to delete the line.

Illustration 5: Lines are deleted with the vi spacing. As soon as you have finished creating your layouts, you can move on to the next stage. Choose Exit Layouts to finalize the look of your layouts. Illustration 6: Choose the End Layouts check box to finalize your theme. Create your layouts templates for you in the actual folder.

Type the pathname of your application servers folder or hit Return to set the standard. Type the address of your web site or hit Return to take over the standard http://localhost:8080 web site. The following is a sample Porygon theme design example configuration: × × × ..... If your layouts style sheet was produced, a standard miniature view was made.

The next section explains how to make a customized image with thumbnails. If you want to make your own miniature image, proceed as follows: Change to the folder of the currently generated layoutsheet. Hint: If you have already designed the theme in your current theme generator theme, the preview will be placed in the src/layouttpl/custom folder of your theme.

Substitute the layouts name. ng_name. ng filename with your own customized preview image icon name. ng_name. go back to the layouts home folder and run dp-deloy to recreate the pattern and install it on your application servers. If your layoutsheet was added as part of your theme's generator theme, the layoutsheet will be delivered when the theme is hosted.

The following is a sample Porygon theme configuration: Your artwork is completed!

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