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You can always go online and monitor your order, order more, check and make changes to your labels. Could you tell me what the meaning of web-to-web is (if you're talking about real handshaking), please? Verify your email on the web with our webmail application Verify your POP/IMAP email on the web. Using Web in a sentence. Plug in your Android or iOS app to get started.

Laminating machines for web to web or web to sheets

Upon customer demand we have designed and marketed the AQUA Web to Web and/or Web to Sheet laminate on the basis of our Aqua laminate floor. These laminators offer extremely high levels of production output, great versatility, uncompromising dependability, power efficiencies and user-friendliness. Featuring a top speeds of 150 m/min, large diametre foil reels, the ability to install various unwinders, the non-stop forklift and 1800 mm high palettes, the Aqua webcam offers the highest throughput.

Aqua web lay-up machines can handle all kinds of foils and substrate such as OPP, PET, thermo, acetate, PE, PLA,... with a broad thickness spectrum. Aquatic laminates are suitable for glossy, matte, coloured, metallised or embossed foils. AQUA' s robust weblamination unit, constructed in Europe to meet Europe standard, features an Ethernet telemaintenance and diagnostics system, and the permanent supply of replacement parts and skilled engineers ensure that your Aqua will be operational for years to come.

AQUA' s sheet laminators are economical and energy-conscious thanks to the effective isolation of our dryer and the recycling of power from the slitting system. Developed by skilled users who have worked as a part of a tight network with our mechanics, electronic and computer scientists, Aqua machinery is extremely easy to operate. When you are interested in the AQUA web press, we invite you to come and see a peer-print converting plant with our equipment and test your own orders in its own fab.

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will provide you with more samples of our machinery in use. We would also be pleased to welcome you to another printing refiner or to test our machinery in our plant.

Web site design and Web site development agency

Maintain the right proportion while preserving the overall beauty of the designs. Our services include high-end services such as customized designs and customized themes. Check your targets and discuss various technology and engineering choices. Targets on-line. Our designer create the frame for the new website with this present designer.

Page styles for home and interiors designs, as well as overall navigational and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are produced in this phase.

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