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A web version of an email is a feature that provides mailing services. Click the "View in browser" link to view the web-based version of your email stored on our servers. Continue chatting on your computer with Allo for web.

Meaning "web version" and "other" in my results?

Meaning "web version" and "other" in my results? As you may have noticed, there are sometimes web versions and other results that are followed in your e-mail analysis messages. The most common web versions are opened within an e-mail clients with low traffic (e.g. a local provider like Comcast or Verizon), an e-mail viewable in a web browsers (users click on the version they' re hosting or "Having problems?

Display this in your browser.' link), or when you insert a hyperlink to your e-mail in Facebook/Twitter update. The Web version also opens if you have previewed the e-mail templates in your ESP or HTML editors before you send them, and added your e-mail analytics codes to those previews.

Another catagory is opened when desktops or mobiles that we don't detect or other e-mail services that can breach or skew their referrers or agents. When you see that "other" is open for your mail server customers (e.g. Outlook.com > Use Others), this means that the mail server was displayed in a smaller size web browsers (e.g. Flock, SeaMonkey, etc.).

Notice: Gmail now stores pictures for email (as of November 2013), which affects how Gmail opens. In email client reporting, there is now a Using a Browser meter that displays the first openings from Google's web page coaching services (displayed as Gmail - Using a Browser in your reports).

Due to the Google Mail picture cache, we can no longer recognize the web browsers associated with open Google Mail.

web version

A web version of an e-mail is a function offered by the mailing service. This allows the recipient to open an HTML version of the e-mail and show it as a web page if it is not displayed properly. Often the web version is used for releasing e-mail in public places.

Even Wanted With "Web Version" Stats - In e-mail campaigning, stats allow marketers to analyse the results of each e-mail sent and enhance the next e-mail campaign..... Googles Analysis - Google Analysis is a web analysis services from Google, which is a favorite and widely used web analysis tool.....

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