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Extend your reach by publishing your website on mobile phones, Facebook and the Internet. Web designer or web designer? Do you think about creating a homepage with a typical website builder?

Web Designers - more than just a website creator

Do you think about creating a homepage with a web site constructor? Given the number of cost-effective solutions available, this may be a good concept. When you choose this path, you will receive a set of template designs for your work. There is no need to download any additional softwares and you can get going right away.

However, those who have higher aspirations and want a more personalised look will quickly become conscious of the limits of this type of system. All you have to do when you create the layouts is make do with the bricks they contain, and you can't just create your own designs to make things general and loose the attention of your site's traffic.

Using this kind of website building tool your homepage creation is severely restricted. And if you are interested in taking things to the next plane, Xara Web Designer is the web designer that' s just right for you and provides even more possibilities. It needs to be run on your computer, but provides much more than just a web site builders.

Automatic backups of your data are created and your website can be uploaded with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can easily save your data to your hard drive. Featuring a powerful built-in graphical interface, this software lets you easily scale your graphs to any size. In fact, you can even use the MX feature to manipulate your pictures in Xara Photo & Grafic Designer, which can then be directly uploaded to your website.

And if you want to make a flyer and poster that fits your website, you can also use Xara Page & Layout Designer to help you standardize your look and building your own unique market. If you don't have your own designs, there is also a large variety of website template options to get things going.

In contrast to the template in most web designing software, these web designing template can be adapted down to the smallest detail. Don't spend your free hours with ordinary Website Builders - try Xara Web Designer instead! It' just as simple to use, but provides a greater choice of functions to help you build the website that's right for you.

Don't be satisfied with restricted creative possibilities - let your creative power run free!

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