Educational agencies Workshops, student education fairs, university fairs The WEBA (World Educate Business Association) is the governing body and global advocate for education business partnership across the globe. This is a member organization with a large number of associated and business members (AGENTS, education and training professionals, students ABROAD COUNSELLORS). The WEBA is encouraging Education Consultants (AGENTS) to join the federation and be part of the first global organization that encompasses the following schools:

METALGUARD Developers of anti-freeze agent additiv bundles, thermal liquid additiv bundles, WEBA Technology Corp.

The WEBA Technology Corp. As well as anti-freeze additives packs, we also manufacture thermal transmission liquid additives packs that produce high value anti-freeze products on the basis of polypropylene and ethical glycols, refrigerants and thermal transmission liquids. In our range of inhibitors, we offer anti-freeze additives packs and thermal liquid additives packs for the production of ready-to-use liquids containing glycols such as polyethylene ethyl alcohol, polyethylene glycols and glycerol.

Proper use of our equipment in combination with proper processing of glycols allows us to manufacture final goods that meet most ASTM and OEM norms. Metalguards additives packs offer the full spectrum of refrigerant grades, from simple greens to the latest long-lasting oat frost protection in all colours. Oat, metallurgical, NOAT and POAT anti-freeze agents, both traditional and durable, for all new and old cars.

With our thermal liquid additive products, our clients are able to produce ready-to-use thermal liquids for most industrial uses, as well as all-aluminum system solutions. Metalguards thermal liquids comprise lightweight and lightweight liquids containing polypropylene and polyethylene glycols for various service temperature ranges.

West-End Business Association - Homepage

MissionThe West End Association's missions are to offer Alexandria's West End companies network, educational and growing opportunity while at the same time providing a single voice for their interests. The West End Business- Association (WEBA?), which covers half of the city of Alexandria, is the only organisation whose single goal is to help companies expand and gain significant voice in the West End corporate world.

Acquiring more clients, expanding network possibilities, pursuing outstanding career growth, and influencing the city's orientation while at the same time benefiting from the fellowship and backing of a closely-knit group of companies, Busineses joinWEBA?to is a global leader in the field of marketing and sales.

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