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Wardrobes by Webb, carpenters, kitchens. Joiner's Kitchens Wangaratta Solid Surfaces Wangaratta Joinery Webb Kitchens Webb Cupboards Webb Cupboards. The Holmes Plantation Situated seven nautical miles from Marion, you can explore the site of one of Alabama's last remaining plants, one that has been in the same dynasty since the beginning of the 19th century. In 1819 William "the cartwright" Moore came from South Carolina to Alabama, just before Alabama achieved statesmanship. It grew from the 80 hectares that William Moore transformed into a thousand hectares.

Willie Moore and his two wives were the mother and father of eleven kids. Mary Elizabeth, one of her grandchildren, marries Charles A. Webb, Sr. of this grandchild's descendants is the current proprietor, Charles Holmes. Together with his spouse Jenny Cooper Holmes, he brought up their three sons William, Webb and Cooper to work on the ranch.

For 20 years Charles completed an apprentice training with his Uncle J.C. and Charles Webb. He and his wife took over the management of the estate after their passing away as descendents of the 6th generations of William Moore. Margaret Ellen Webb, J.C. Webb's widow, made the drawings on this website.

The majority of the houses are genuine, and much of William Moore's handicraft "the cartwright" can be seen. In 1927 the house burnt down and the whole house went to the Magnolia Hill in Marion. Most of the furniture of the detached house was today rescued by the fire and grace of the 1927 houses.

In the area around the native country you can see the blockhouse with the first ginner, the second ginner, a coach shed, a smokehouse, a henhouse, a mashed potatoe with a vegetable, fat and cold meat storehouse, the shop with the hanging belly oven and other sights,

smithy with its tooling, the Webhaus, a two-storey early federal/Greek revival building with shingles that cover the initial blockwork, a cannery, the Warden's Lodge (now Folsom Inn), tenants' quarter, sheds, a 1930s fire station with a fire truck and much more in its genuine surroundings.

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