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Find out why Webcom, a full-service book printing company specialising in digital printing and traditional offset printing from long to short runs. The Webcom agency creates impressive websites for hotels and restaurants that have been designed for optimal implementation. Letterpress & short-run print If your product is not available above, please fill in your product name. Explain a little about what you produce so that we can better advise you on your needs for papers and services. Date on which your artwork will be finished.

Please include more than one order quantity in the notice section at the bottom of this page.

Kindly fill in a value between 50 and 10000. Select the nearest options and let us know the particular kind of bindings in the field Custom wishes at the end of this page. The text components can be 1 color (black only), 1 color (Pantone color) or 4 colors (CMYK, text and images).

When you are not sure whether you want plain or laminated stock, it is an easier way to determine whether your design contains many 4-color pictures. In this case, we suggest that you select a heavy 60lb+ from our range of laminated grades. When you are not sure which type of chart to use, one of our account managers can provide you with a chart containing the best charts for your particular design.

Outer envelope means the front and back covers that appear on the outside of the text. Inside envelope means the opposite side of envelope document, which is on the inside of binding books. For more information on Webcom's environment initiative, please go to our Environment page.

Fill in the number of copies you wish to send to this adress. Fill in the number of copies you wish to send to this adress. Fill in the number of copies you wish to send to this adress. Please send us a specimen of your projects so that we can better schedule your work.

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CRL has been questioning the current situation of the publisher of conventional text books since 2005. A more effective involvement of pupils and the establishment of a higher relevance. Incorporate multimedia as your main designer tool. But we know that many pupils only open their books when they are getting ready (or cramming) for a test or game.

Conventional, print-oriented approaches suitable for all books are outdated and superfluous. Technologies and multimedia can be high-performance elements that improve or add value to students' learning outcomes. However, most publishing houses still create loose and average web sites based on encyclopaedic schoolbooks. Furthermore, many teachers need to add more recent or pertinent ones to their course books.

Today's pupils have been raised with technique and multimedia. Rather than struggling against this situation, CRL decides to use and incorporate this type of technological solution. CRL has developed the Webcom platform to address the issues described above. Currently, Webcom provided e-book based content such as e-books, additional material and reviews as well as societal content.

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