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Learn why Q: What happens if I already have a WebCOM account and need to register for another course? Q: How do I know which section of the WebCOM website I should register for? CRL has developed the Webcom platform to solve the problems described above. Instructor/Administrator Login Class/Pupil Login Or, visit as guest.

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We' ve created our books with your needs and your life style in mind: our books are available on most equipment and our committed web support team is available 24/7 to answer your most urgent queries.... F: Where and how can I get my on-line publishing account? F: If I buy an account at a bookshop, how do I sign up for my course? and type your account in the " First user (with account code) " box on the right side of the page.

F: What happens if I already have a WebCOM affiliate and need to sign up for another course? With your current affiliate and click on the'Sign up for another online publication' button. Then you can acquire your subscription to your new work. F: I get an alert when I try to log in with my password.

Describe what you did when you got the bug, and make a screenshot or copy available and include the bug in the bug report if possible. F: How do I know which area on the WebCOM website I should use? When you are not sure of your section number, please ask your trainer.

Fill out the web assistance request at the bottom of each page of the on-line release and make sure you specify the section to which you need to be transferred. On the login page, please click on the forgotten your username button and a new one will be emailed to you.

The WebCOM publishing is fully compliant with IE 8. Certain on-line catalogs may need free of charge web browsers (e.g. Flash, Adobe Acrobat). Test and upgrade your WebCOM plugs using the links at the bottom of each WebCOM page. As soon as you are signed in, you can click on the "Account" button in the top right part of the page and refresh all the information on this page.

In order to receive a repeat of the completed assessment, you must get in touch with your trainer. You can directly call Web Assistance to let us know if you would like a retry. F: Where are the sheet music published? Your sheet music can be accessed via the page "Sheet music book" within the on-line publications. In case you cannot find a music booklet, please ask your teacher where your music will be published.

You should discuss all your queries about the sheet music with your teacher. It is not possible to upgrade the sheet music without a specific enquiry from an instrumentalist. F: If I have a dilemma, should I call my trainer or web assistance? When you have a query about the course contents, please consult your trainer. In case there is a difficulty with the online supply of course materials, please consult the webupport.

When you receive an errormessage, please send a screenshot of the bug.

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