On this page you won't find any information why WEBE is owned by Cumulus Media, an adult contemporary formatted channel licensed to the Westport, Connecticut community. sspan class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit] WEBE to 107. 9 FM, broadcast as WEBE 108, is an Adult Contemporary format channel in Cumulus Media's possession licenced to the Westport Municipality of Connecticut. It is usually the number one resort in the Stamford Norwalk, Bridgeport and Fairfield County rankings and is among the top 5 of the New Haven list.

A key element of the station's successful operation is the transport system that covers the whole distance from Inner Connecticut to Lower Fairfield County. The WEBE is one of the most efficient radios in South Connecticut with an actual transmission output of 50,000 Watt, covering most of Westchester County, New York in the Bronx, parts of Manhattan, most of Long Island and the south of Hartford.

WICC's affiliated company, WICC, and the studio are based in Bridgeport. Satellite antennas are installed on the chimney of the United Illuminating facility near Bridgeport Harbor. The 9MHz band was initially allocated by the Federal Communications Commission to Westport, Connecticut, as part of its allocation table, and in 1962 the band, which was later to become WEBE, was broadcast as WMMM-FM.

From 1970 to 1984 the channel, at that time still called WDJF, belonged to Donald J. Flamm and was connected to the Westport broadcaster, WMMM 1260 AM (today WSHU). Channels transmit from office and studio locations above a delicious at 163 Main Street in Westport, Connecticut. was in a neighborhood in Wilton, Connecticut to the dismay of neighbours, and the aerial was only 135 ft high, so the transmission range of the base was quite small.

1984 New York businessman Franz Allina, who also had WBAB and WGBB, bought WDJF for $2 million and commissioned Vincent Cremona, general manager of WICC's bridgeport channel, to run it for him. It was necessary to modify the callsigns so that various listings of idle callsigns were examined by the transmission line, but none seemed to work until Cremona's 14-year-old boy Vinny found "WEBE" on the listing and ran around saying "Wee Bee Wee Wee Bee Wee Bee Bee".

On the basis of this example of a mighty roll call and the idea that these are unforgettable ring briefs, the WEBE call signal was requested from the FCC and issued in February 1984. "The " Musicradio WEBE 108 FM " was broadcast on 1 March 1984 at noon. Former WAVZ and WKCI programming director in New Haven, Connecticut, Curtis W. Hansen was commissioned to programme the new facility.

Web moves to the 50 Washington Street 10-th Stock in Norwalk, Connecticut and in autumn 1984 to the 50 Washington Street-11th Stock in Norwalk, Connecticut. Hits Of A Whole Generation, The New WEBE 108 Musicradio! was the station's first tagline. By 1985, after month-long effort and engineering research by proprietor Franz Allina and consultant engineer, WEBE had relocated its transmitter aerial to the top of United Illuminating's blue and blue chimney at Bridgeport harbour, bringing out a full 50,000 Watt from 386 ft above averages.

1987 the channel was divested to ML Media Partner, headed by New York TV Director Marty Pompadur and Partner, for the total of 11 million dollars. ML Media Partner also bought WICC in Bridgeport for $6 million in 1989. Cremona WEBE and WICC relocated under one umbrella in 1990 to 350 Fairfield Avenue (2 Lafayette Square) on the seventh floor in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

During 1999, the channels were divested for $66 million to New Canaan station owner Frank Osborn and Partner (including Cremona), who in turn divested the channels, as well as additional cluster acquisitions in Danbury, Connecticut, Westchester, New York and Poughkeepsie, New York, to Cumulus Media in 2002 for nearly $300 million in bar and overstock.

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