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Things that are only important with university. 1. What is wideband over-the-air? TM's Wi-Fi services offer fast Wi-Fi connectivity to the home. This is a home and mobile shared use of the Web within unified LTE areas of cover, especially for those clients who do not have regional bandwidth infrastructure/fiber cover or for those who face on-site deployment restrictions.

Currently we only offer SIM Map + equipment purchases forscription. 2nd Who Can Sign Up for the Wideband wireless map? Where can I sign up for the map? It is possible to sign up for this schedule at select TMpoint branches as shown here. 4th What documentation must I provide when registering for the services?

5. What are the locations of the wideband cover areas? When you are within our LTE cover areas where the web has a good air and is most robust, then you are covert. How many Breitband-SIMs can I buy under one single bankroll? An individual can get up to three (3) wires to browse the web like you've never done before.

Our special offer of a bonus of 3 weeks is intended for our mobile subscribers, whose subscriptions stay valid for 12 years. From 13 to 15 months*, these clients receive a written declaration of renunciation of loyalty for 3 consecutive-month periods. 1st What is the amount of the subscriptions per calendar year? 5. when will the plans for high-speed mobile services be available?

Radio wideband will be available from 2 April 2018. What does the wideband plan provide? It provides connectivity to the web as part of Universal LTE reporting. Huawei 4G B618 WiFi router (Device uppfront payment)RM565 Register for the Autopay account services and benefit from the RM2 discount on your monthlies!

7. Are there any other schemes besides the 60GB one? At the moment we only have one ( 1 ) schedule, namely 60 GB per month rate cordless wideband. Is it possible to upgrad or degrade my schedule? No, I'm afraid you can't upgrad or demote your schedule. Do you have a subscription for the wideband coverage schedule?

Don't be afraid, there's no subscription to the wideband plans. Is it possible to migrate my current lines from other ISPs to this wideband Wi-Fi schedule? May I transfer my Broadband Wi-Fi schedule to another SSP? Is it possible to make phone and text messages with this wideband mobile schedule? We' re sorry, you can't text with this schedule.

It'?s just a datagram. Is it possible to use the Wi-Fi map abroad? Sorry, this map is currently only available within Malaysia. Is there a limit to the number of units I can link to my Wi-Fi network? If I have not used all my online quotas, what happens? Don't be afraid, your quote starts over with 60 GB in the next billing round.

For high level customers, however, charges can still be obtained by fully using the 60GB files and the charge is available for up to 90 business days. However, the full use of the 60GB files is not a problem. Are the quotas transferable? It is not possible to carry over the contingent. Will I be able to use my Wi-Fi after my month-end online rate expires?

However, once you've used up your 60GB rate, you'll have to make do with a 128kbps link instead to make sure it's for all. For high level customers, however, charges can still be obtained by fully using the 60GB files and the charge is available for up to 90 business days. However, the full use of the 60GB files is not a problem.

Do I get billed per use if I surpass my montly webrate? Don't be afraid, there are no extra costs if you go over the per month rate. Do I get a notification when my month is up? Yes, you will be informed by e-mail and text message when you have used 33%, 80% and 100% of your web time.

Is it possible to review and supervise my online odds per month? 21 Will I have to pay a fine if I choose to end my high-speed Wi-Fi connection? You will not incur any penalties if you wish to cancel the contract. If I don't know how to use or have problems with WiFi, what should I do?

The HUAWEI 4G B618 WiFi router can be purchased from select TMpoint power points that provide the wideband WiFi map shown here. Two, I'm your current wideband wireline member. You can, however, choose to buy the unit by subscribing to another line. Please note: Members may buy a total of three (3) mobile SIMs and wires under one MyKad.

Clients receive the unit immediately when they go to TMpoint. No SIM subscription agreement + equipment acquired is included. Can I keep the HUAWEI 4G D618 after the end of the work? In any case, you can keep the unit after completion of the servicing. Purchases can be made using any major payment method: either via your local payment system, via your local payment system or via FPX.

Our front lines at TMpoint or our retailers support our clients during the checkout lifecycle, which includes on-line payments. In the case of on-line payments, all payments are made via invoice 88 with the recipient "webe digitally based bank". 2nd What is the line by line exposure? RM300 is the standard line per line.

3. Is it possible to raise my bankroll? It is possible to raise your limits through our Self Care web site or go to any TMpoint throughout the country. Can I lower my bank account 4. can I lower my bank account? Yes, you can reduce your line of credit to the standard line of credit. Please note that you can also reduce your line of credit to the standard line of credit. 4. Will I be informed if my funds exceed the maximum amount?

Receive notification when your bank has reached 70%, 90% and 100% of your limits by sending a signed e-mail. What happens if my funds exceed the limits? If you exceed your bank line, you will not be able to use the facility. How much do I have to spend to recover my lost data if they are blocked due to my limits?

In order to re-establish your Wi-Fi connection, you must make a payment of at least 75% of your unsettled and/or settled amount. Do I get a rating when I sign up for this Wi-Fi subscription? By subscribing to this Wideband Wi-Fi subscription, you will undergo the CTOS (Standard Telephone Quality Check).

If you are an established TM (Unifi or Streamyx) client, you are exempt from solvency checks. Yes, you are eligible for an FM2 discount on your month bill if you enable the AutoPay self-care feature. How do I get my month bill? Your invoice will be sent to you via your Self Care email account.

Notice that the invoice code 3608 and the reference code is your 9-digit bank number. Choose "webe digitally wedn bhd " if you make your payments via on-line, ATM and ATM.

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