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The Webjam social publishing and engagement solutions enable companies to manage their internal and external online reputation. The Webjam is a provider of social networking software for businesses that brings you, your customers, members and supporters closer together. Learn what users say about Webjam. Find out about the user's webjam ratings, pricing information, and features. The Webjam is a provider of unique private social networks.

High-Performance Webinar Hosted Software

Allow your audiences to have a vote! Encourage all your participants to participate in the presentations at any given moment. Levels up; Ask your best clients to communicate their experiences to your audiences. Turn Q&A into an audiences favourite. You can broadcast your events from your own website directly to tens of millions of webinar participants on multiple plattforms.

Get to where your public is. On Facebook Life, YouTube Life, not to speak of our own personal and secure network. Regardless of which stadium you decide on, the adventure is the same. Their audiences are everywhere. You' re alive. Not only does the ExpressJam webinar set up the fastest possible transmission, it also uses your own customized smart preferences to make sure your webinar works exactly what you need.

Ever since a videocamera became wearable, television messages "roll in" the film material. Using the Movie Engine, you can preload and cure up to a dozen videos and send them to your participants with a single click. Your preinstalled videos are played back with your cam turned off, your mic silenced, and your audiences rewarded with full-screen play (up to 30 fps).

Attempt to record your listing early and use the streaming delivery engines to get that listing accurate. And yes, you can run a complete onlineinar with the help of the webinar' only in case you need a free tag to be fantastic. Simply flip forward or backward through your presentations with a wide range of thrilling slideshow motion.

Our in the Cloud function allows your audiences to experience clear legibility. You can also paint a moustache on the co-moderator videos. Let us discuss your 1st step: During your online seminar you will receive first handed information in true real-time. It' s in the astonishing strength of being able to know what your audiences expect and need from you and your online seminar.

You want your public to take immediate measures when it is your turn to bid. With Active Offers, you can create a visual experience that will appear in your webinar environment when your participants need to take actions. Eliminate confusing web address mistypes and limit your presentations to non-clickable ads.

When you want to restrict the number of persons who can accept your listing, make sure your participants know how many are available. The Feedback Flow is a line of magics from you to your audiences. As with a Network TV Show, you can add value and effect to a news text and present it to your audiences.

Increase the social success of your webinars with instant alerts for shoppers. Welcome proud new PURCHASERS to your participants of webinars. Bringing all these together, we build the industry's most actionable registry pages for webinars. The new PageJam search engines, a WYSIWYG (go ahead, say it... "wizzzeeewig"...) visually oriented text processor, allows you to customise a collection of professional registry pages. Click on an item, customise it to your needs, personalise it to your own personal touch and your own trademark.

Or do you just have a registry page that destroys it for you and you don't have to reinvent the wheels? Everyone who links to this page will register for your next session. Now your e-mail "Click Through Rate" becomes your "Webinar registration conversion rate". There is no need to "fill out forms", because nobody has enough spare for that.

The right preparation of your public for your events leads to the highest numbers of visitors and highest numbers of visitors. "Correct " means much more than just emailing a message with starting times. Do you want the news you broadcast to be adapted to your public behaviour? Plan a one-off meeting, a repeating session, a range of training courses, personal coachings, every day, week, month or year.

When they sign up for the weavinar, then..... And if they go to the lab or miss the lab. Never mind the old dull weaverinar replays used by other pitchers. With Replica Replays you can restore your webinars keys as a virtually cloned copy of your online work. Play your shot in a real "Virtual-Webinar Room ", like a real life performance.

With your initial collaborative chats included, each item is perfect for your audio/video presentations. Integrate your streaming engine injection feeds, feedback flow ads and your buyer alerts exactly as they happen. Simply administer the most important parts of your webinar: Allows your admin or presenter to create your onlineinar from this Panel without logging into the living room, which includes launching surveys, pre-recorded movies, and viewing quotes.

Reinvite your attendees who didn't attend the events with a last-minute e-mail or SMS. To further safeguard the contents of your webinars or events, include a level of protection that is as safe as your e-commerce shopping cart. This comprehensive training offered by webinar Genesis is an important milestone in the creation of Campaign Excellence Campaign.

We' ve worked extensively with hundreds of the best moderators and know exactly what a live seminar is. Complete blueprints for our online seminars presentations and offerings...so you can easily build and view what's worked in many industry sectors..... Everything you need to get the most out of your onlineinar campaigns.....

P.S. We can reach far more than 5,000 participants. We were already part of YouTube Life before it got really awesome. Hundreds and even tens of thousands of participants are possible with this combo. A lot of folks will actually be paying to participate in a really good online seminar, or a real life consultation meeting, or a good lesson.

You can now levy a commission to participate in your great performance. Transfer your data to your participants immediately! Simply up-load your data via the Studio Center and when you get set, show your audiences the live downloading links. By controlling the webinar room, you can make it open new browsers or even reroute your total number of viewers to a new web adress.

At the end of your presentations, please ensure that everyone is sent exactly where they want to go. Integrate Facebook and Twitter keys into your websites and see how your websites become virtual so you can attract more people! Are you organising or presenting your own peep show together with other people? Now, each moderator can split their own cam or transfer their own screen to create a great online seminar for multiple moderators!

According to polls, participants are disappointed when they arrive early for the online seminar and are not sure if they are in the right place. Our goal is to optimize the participants' experiences so that your public never has access to downloadable technology. Set the system to send an SMS to each participant a few moments before the planned date and hour of the session.

In fact, you can even make a voicemail recording that prompts you to immediately login to the classroom. Your system calls your participants directly before the online seminar and plays this greeting. All you have to do now is transmit your vote and you can directly manage your presentations in the online seminar room.

Now you can integrate the register badge for the onlineinar into a page of your own website. When you want to run a hosting session from your member area, the buttons also work there. We' ll even bring your apples to your life gig! Enter your session in our on-demand folder so that all our users can see it.

I' ve just used the new beta of the FB Living features and it was astonishing! Oh, and the registry submissions are super hot. ::-) Infinite number of participants, immediate shots, nothing else comes near! Our first market introduction brought us over $52,000 in revenue, more than 50% of which came directly from selling during the webinars.

I' m not much of a one techy, so every times a new piece of code comes out, it will take some for it to work for me in my shop efficiently. It' s a really easy screen, the tutorial video answers all my queries, and I had a live tutorial done in just a few moments.

First of all, they make it really simple for you to setup your own blog. Featuring everything from sophisticated functionality to outstanding client service, this is the best tutorial we've ever used. Just recently I conducted my first online seminar and received enthusiastic feedback from the participants. It is the best quality online seminar program on the web.

It' s pretty polished, and I still discover shades that make my videos and tutorials even more efficient. Illiterally, I spared tens of millions that I would have spent on the then predominant programme, a non-limited attendance experience and a much more efficient programme overall.

It' s so easy for a non-technical mind to use and for the first ever I am totally enthusiastic about all the analysis. There is no webinar that comes even near! I also got a MUCH usage out of the poll function on the registry page.

Less powerful configuration can still work, but should be well tried before running a live online seminar with your best clients. During the transfer, you can release your computer's desktop, a separate application on your computer, play more than one video, or use our slide show in the cloud function to run a slide show slide show performance.

Split the beep from your WebCam stand-alone or while concurrently releasing your monitor or your slide show (commonly known as Picture-in-Picture). You can also use our chat during normal office hour to talk directly to our technical team. You' ll get directions on how to access over 7-hour video tutorials and cheat sheet from this workout within a few moments of your buy.

Running a full webinar campaign, one of which includes registrations and thank you pages, multiple email notifications, preloaded live playback video, custom offers, surveys, polls, replicas, etc., can be a time-consuming setup procedure just because you need to generate the CONTENT that's on your pages, in your email, in some of your video... You get the point.

It allows us to broadcast to target groups that most of our rivals would have a tough job with, or to bill you for an arms and a small kid. From the point of view, we have come very near to break the Guinness Book of Records for the biggest webinar ever this year. Up to SIX Moderators can share the display at the same times, making it quick and simple to hold pre-planned sessions.

Well, our prospect is quite straightforward - the most costly costs for a webinar transmission are the VIDEO-BANDWIDTH, which is used to transmit your message around the whole globe. Whereas in the past it was a high-end product, now it is nearer to a utility.

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