Weblog (Blog) is a website that contains a log or diary of information, specific topics or opinions. Blog is the short form for weblog. Which is a weblog? - Definition of WhatIs.com

1 ) A weblog, sometimes called a weblog or weblog, is a website that is made up of a set of records ordered in reversed order and often refreshed with new information on specific subjects. Information may be composed by the website proprietor, taken from other websites or other resources, or provided by a user.

Often a weblog has the property to be a kind of "log of our time" from a certain point of views. In general, blogs are dedicated to one or more topics or topics that are usually of current interest and can generally be considered as the development of comments, personal or group comments on their respective topics.

The weblog can be made up of a person's captured idea (a kind of diary) or a collaborative effort open to everyone. Slashdot. org is a favorite weblog, the brainchild of Rob Malden, developer and designer, and several people. Slashdot. org leads thread discussions on many topics, among them: Slashdot. org promotes and publishes interesting tales told by collaborators, contains a history links and maintains the topics of subsequent discussions by other members.

Well-known weblog is Jorn Bargers Robot Wisdom Blog, which is rather a compilation of everyday features from other websites. West's librarian.net is a journal of articles of interest to libraries and others every working week. The weblog seems to be favourite as a form and substance for a website, as the observer knows that something changes every single passing passing day, there is a person's point of mind, and on some websites there is the possibility of working or reacting with the website and its people.

2 ) Weblog is the name of a South Korean based piece of South Korean programming that analyses a website's traffic protocol and displays the number of visits, opinions, hits, most viewed pages, etc. Slashdot. org is probably the best known weblog. The Jorn Bargers Robot Wisdom is rather a day-to-day collection of a wide variety of messages and feature articles collected by websites and refreshed every day.

Another one-man weblog, Jessamyn West's librarian.net, is easy, appealing, and daily refreshed.

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