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Jimdo Webmail Access - Jimdo Support Center Rackspace and Jimdo are working together. Once you have created your e-mail account using Jimdo, you have several ways to get to your e-mails. Regardless of which client you choose to configure to access your emails, you can always connect to your Jimdo Webmail accounts: However, if you have trouble getting hold of the webmail kernel, try http://webmail.jimdo.com/ instead.

E-mail account through our Rackspace affiliate. When you are on a common intranet ( e.g. at work, at home, at school) or going on-line via a common web browser ( e.g. cafe, library), you should consider using an e-mail program such as Outlook or Apple Mail to access your e-mail. Use the following options to configure your e-mail clients over a secured connection:

You can also click on the buttons below to access our e-mail setup wizard: From the IMAP and POP options, you can select between the two options. The IMAP preferences are preferred by most users. IMAP stores a copy of each received e-mail on the Rackspace server. This means that you can still see e-mails in your webmail accounts after you delete them from your computer.

With the following options you can transmit and recieve e-mails over an uncoded channel: Please note: If you are having problems deploying your e-mail clients, please login to the Rackspace Support Center with your webmail and e-mail passwords to get step-by-step directions for each of the clients and devices you configure.

Did you delete an e-mail you still need by mistake? Don't be afraid, you can recover your erased e-mail within the first 14 workingdays after deleting it. Sign in to your Jimdo Webmail accounts and click "Trash" in your e-mail folders, then choose "Restore your e-mail". Rackspace, our e-mail affiliate, is considering to send the same e-mail or more than one message with the same contents to more than 200 people.

When you want to distribute a newsletters or information e-mail to more than 200 people at once, we suggest you use an e-mail campaign management software such as MailChimp.

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