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The Webnode is an online website builder system developed by Westcom, s.r.o., a company based in Brno, Czech Republic. Webnode's latest tweets (@webnode).

The Webnode is a remarkably simple tool that allows you to create a free website without any technical knowledge. View Webnode, one of the most popular website builders on the market.

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The Webnode is a drag-and-drop web site builders with 3 different web site solutions: Private Web Sites, Commercial Web Sites and E-Commerce Web Sites. This system can run on most web browers such as IE, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera (web browser). Hop up ^ Kasik, Pavel - Technet.cz (April 19, 2008).

Project Webnode: Skip up ^ WebExpo 2010 (25 September 2010). Today Webnode has 18 million registered user all over the globe. Skip high ^ Kasik, Pavel - iDnes/Technet (1 December 2009).

Check Webnode: It' good?

Webnode is one of the bigger publishers of websites with more than 30 million registrated people. Your key competence is clear language - they back more than 20 of them and even let you build a multi-lingual website. Amazingly, they also provide assistance in all these tongues.

Recently Webnode took the decision to release a new release of its plattform and to substitute the good old publisher, which we liked very much. Shows a small webnode advertisement. There is webnode advertising in the bottom line. Continues to display webnode advertising. This is the perfect layout for your website, both professionally and multilingually.

Offering fast reacting design and plenty of diversity. You need the default map or the professional kit for at least one advertising-free page. The Webnode is available in more than 20 different language versions. Sign up a webnode or redirect your current webnode registration. Mini and higher includes a free domainname for the first year.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encoding is built into all our schedules, so your site runs under HTTP. Unfortunately Webnode does not come with an Apple Retailer like Weebly and Wix. But it is very restricted because it does not really have fundamental functions such as voucher code, import/export option or even the possibility to generate variations of products.

Available in drawings only: Professional and Professional. The Webnode creates a site map for you. It is very simple and lacks some important functions (e.g. commentaries and tags). Note that Google Analytics integration requires the default or professional schedule. It is only available for the default and professional schedule.

Different maps have different memory limitations (100 megabytes, 500 megabytes, 2 gigabytes and 5 gigabytes). In addition, most maps (Limited, Mini and Standard) have a bandwith limitation (1 GB, 3 GB and 10 GB). This is only available in the Standard (up to 5 backups) and Professional (unlimited backups) schedules.

Some important functions are missing and some of the functions are a little too basic (e.g. picture galleries). For the time being Webnode provides a rather restricted functional area. But we were informed that they were planning to add more functions in the near term. There is one great advantage of Webnode: Only a few web designers make it so effortless to build a website in multiple languages.

In addition, Webnode is one of the few site builder that lets you back up (and restore) your site. There are some fundamental missing functions - to name a few: shop on line, community based content widgets, serious blogs restrictions and the lack of a searching feature.

If you want to have a website without the self-producing webnode flag, you need the standard or professional schedule. Also we think they could be more liberal with the memory and bandwith restrictions they are offering with the lower budgets (Mini and Limited). Is Webnode a back-up function?

Which is the bandwith limitation? The Webnode restricts the amount of information you can submit each monthly (1 GB, 3 GB and 10 GB) for the different schedules (Limited, Mini and Standard). A 1 GB bandwith will more or less suffice for 1000 visits per year. When you exceed the threshold, you need to buy more webnode bandwith to allow your site traffic.

What can I do to unsubscribe from Webnode? November 22, 2011 - We have reviewed the Webnode servers capabilities. Jan 16, 2011 - The free map now includes a small webnode blank now. It is not really free of advertising any more, against Webnode's demand on its website. Since a few month Webnode has not published any new functions.

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