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Any relentless blogger who writes regularly will find the need to organize his blog to make it easier for his readers to find what interests them. blog Going Today Your Going On-line Shop! Following month of intense coding, tests and troubleshooting, we are pleased to announce the launch of the new Webnode on-line shop. Now you can create a contemporary and professionally designed web shop as quick and easy as a normal webnode website. No matter if you want to buy your own shoe, crochet toy or even handmade soap, with Webnode you can open and run an on-line shop in a few moments.

Later in this paper you will learn how GDPR affects your website or your on-line shop and how you can ensure that you comply with all new policies. Webnode will be commemorating the 10th jubilee of the initial introduction of our Website builder next year. By now Webnode has reached 30 million user world-wide!

Our humble and humble staff will appreciate this early present and hopefully you will be able to work with Webnode for many years to come. Born in 2017, Ronin Media joined Webnode and has established an on-line business as the business continues to expand. Organise your blog postings!

Any relentless blogsmith who writes regularly will find it necessary to organise his blog in order to make it easy for his readership to find what interests them. Now Webnode has made this job easy with the latest additions to our blog features, the Blog Category. Now you can organise your blog into different regions or even into different parts of the world. You can also organise your own recipe on your cook-blog according to the kind of foods or accessories you want to buy.

The latest Webnode function is one of our most popular. Webnode 2 has evolved this summers while our guests enjoyed a well-deserved holiday. We' ve concentrated on making the editing process simpler for you and improving the appearance of your website.

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