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With Webnode, our customers are not forced to move their domain names for us. The Webnode is the one. Looking around and testing a few website builders, I ended up on Webnode after I decided they were the simplest website to use. Webnode is recommended for anyone who wants to create a website.

Gelf-oriented enterprise that does not take an interest in its clients. I' m very happy with the Webnode customer support - really. Node is SUPER. Mathew Smith is the best - he really did help me, not only with Webnode, but also with some great suggestions and help (e.g. he was looking for a free badge and asked to help me integrate it into my website).

I' ll recommend the Webnode to everyone. Got a site with webnode for two years. Hi, In reply to this evaluation, we ask all our visitors to give us the right e-mail addresses and URLs of their web sites with webnode so that we can offer a fast and effective translation services.

However, this person didn't give us the right e-mail addresses or the addresses of their websites, so we couldn't find the right accounts. Ultimately, after this person provided us with the right information in the shape of his e-mail and website, we were able to process his enquiries quickly and easily.

In fact, we found a problem in his domainname, which is with another registered user and provided him with the fix. Through our back and forth communications I was able to create exactly what I expected from my website. Webnode's Webnode technical staff is simply extraordinary.

Every question you have is answered quickly and effectively by your personal service engineer. The Webnode itself is probably the best, simplest and most user-friendly web designing tool on the market. Very, very, very recommendable this enterprise! Webnode! I like Webnode!!!! I' m happy I found Webnode. Mr. Matthew Smith, our client service officer, was always there to help me.

It' s actually a lot of pleasure to create your own website with Webnode! Outstanding service and assistance, the best choice I've made. Thanks Webnode for providing my webhosting and domain easy and enjoyable for us. Thanks also to the account managers for the they´ve help given to me, especially to Matthew Smith, thanks to all of you!

Normally I don't post a reviews for a business, but Michael Svacha went beyond the usual amount of work to make sure the few problems I had with Webnode were solved quickly and to my complete happiness. Naturally, I immediately got in touch with Webnode and was redirected to Michael Svacha, who from then on raised all problems.

Next problem was an arduous effort to perform a 301 re-direct to another host accounts for one of my webnodeomains. It turned out that I was the feeble member and had not taken over the DNS from my other one. This is a firm I would highly commend to all my buddies and my relatives and I am not saying this frivolously!

I am very grateful for him and the webnode website so that this is possible to have my own domainname paired with a free website (to begin with) until I am able to win more from a website in order to set up a bonus. There was a bug with the website edit (I did my own project with it because it was a website builder) and after a while I got in touch with the help desk because I thought it had to be a bug with them.

However, the technical assistance and the man who had to endure me for several whole day, Matthew Smith, proved to be accountable, thoughtful and sympathetic. Every where Matthew tried to help as much as possible, even though he was in the middle of the conversation, I realized that the issue I had had nothing to do with them, but with a re-direct bug on my computer.

And I wish more technical backup groups were just as useful. Matthew Smith on the backup staff. When you are looking for a website creator, I would strongly recommend Webnode. Simple to use, inexpensive software managed by a professional staff. Within a single working session Matthew Smith contacted me and took the opportunity to look at my site so that he could give me the best possible advise.

I' ve always had good experiences with Webnode and was very satisfied with the functionalities of its web editor and the web template designs. Any problems I had to understand certain things that were new to me were very quickly solved by an unbelievably supportive staff, especially Matthew Smith, who was answering all my queries and helping me create my first website.

I have only had good experiences with Webnode, so there are no bad remarks for me. Anyone who wants to build their own good-looking web should use their site. In 2010 I launched my own website with Webnode and had a good feeling during this period - also the service is great, so I would suggest it and especially Matthew Smith from Webnode who was very useful.

I' ve just withdrawn, so I've chosen to end my website day now, and that's the only excuse I don't go on with Webnode.

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