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Add your Webnode email address to an iPhone The manual explains how to synchronize your Webnode mail with an iPhone 6 plus under iPhone 8.3. To synchronize an email with your machine, you must first register an email with Webnode's web mail system. In order to configure your mail server properly, you need to know on which Webnode mail server your email server is on.

You' ll find this information in the email you receive after you create your Webnode email accounts. Please open this email and check if your email address is mail1.webnode.com or mail2.webnode.com. Your e-mail looks like this: Now you can setup your machine by following the instructions below:

Go to the Preferences and click E-mail. Click Add Accounts in the Accounts section. Select the bank transfer as Other. Click Add my email address in the Email section. Specify the following information: Specify in Name the name of the bank that you want to appear in the phone. Press Next or verify that you are using Enterprise.

Specify the following for inbox and outbox servers and make the following settings: Finish the setting by pressing Next. It takes one second for your iPhone to fully input and store your preferences. Your email is now synchronized. iPhone dials 587 now. The default setting stores a copy of e-mails on the mail server.

Canceled e-mails are completely canceled after 7 workdays. When you have activated a redirection email adress, your email will not go to your Webnode email adress.

Creating email account

To set up an email affiliate you must already own your own domains and have an activated premium plan (Mini, Standard or Professional). Allows you to generate your own email directly from the website editors by selecting CONFIGURATIONS. On the E-mail Contacts page, click Manage EMAIL Contacts.

Then click Submit Email. Type the email name you want, the email owner's name, and a passphrase. Tip: You can register immediately to your new e-mail adress. It is also possible to link your web mail to an e-mail service such as Outlook. Tip: You can transmit up to 2 megabytes (.MB) of message and retrieve up to 7 megabytes (.MB) of message.

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