Webnode Email Login

New Webnode E-Mail-Registration

Log in with the email address you created with your domain, e.g. info@mydomain.com.

This is how you modify your login email address

You can also modify your login email for your Webnode accounts yourself. Automatically email all your customers to activate and run your premier service and domain for all your project activities to this new email inbox. Sign in to your Webnode login area. From the My Project page, click the Menu icon in the upper-right corner.

Next to the login e-mail, click the Edit tool. Type in the new e-mail adress. Ensure that the email is working and that you have full control over it. Press the Send pushbutton. It is not possible to type an email that is already associated with a Webnode emailccount. Your e-mail has to be new in the system.

Your changes will not be made until you click on the confirmation email confirmation to the new email inbox. When the email does not reach you, please verify the spamming file. The My Projects page displays a notification that the new email has been successfully verified.

Add your Webnode e-mail address to Microsoft Outlook 2016

In this manual, you will learn how to synchronize your Webnode web mail with Microsoft Outlook 2016. To synchronize an email address, you must first register an email address with Webnode's web mail system. In order to configure your mail server properly, you need to know on which Webnode mail server your email server is on.

You' ll find this information in the email you receive after you create your Webnode email accounts. Please open this email to see if your email address is mail1.webnode.com or mail2.webnode.com. Your e-mail looks like this: Now you can setup Microsoft Outlook 2016 by following the instructions below:

Start the Microsoft Office 2016 and click on the File register card. Press the Add Accounts pushbutton. Select the POP or IMAP bank area. Press the More Preferences pushbutton. Don't miss to substitute your mail servers number for your own one. Click OK to store the setting. It will now test your preferences by emailing you.

Your email is now synchronized. A copy of the message is stored on the webnode server for 14 calendar weeks in the standard setting of your mail server. Remember that when you configure email redirection in your email accounts, your email will not be sent to your Webnode web mailbox.

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