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Makes a free and beautiful website easy and in just a few minutes. Simply build a free website It takes 5 min to set up a website. Make a website for your company, launch your own blogs or divide your portfolios on-line. Establish a successfull shop in a few moments. Simply sign up, adding items and starting to sell.

Customise the contents and layout of your website in no time. Wonderful website everywhere.

Surprising patterns that wait for your last subtleties. It'?s just a great website.

Creating a website on Webnode: STEP 5 (with pictures)

MedMobile is a non-profit organization focused on the improvement of healthcare in hard-to-reach areas. MedMobile is fulfilling its mandate by developing, deploying and assisting a collaborative SW-Kit to help healthcare professionals in the local health services to deliver outcomes. Thank you for having helped us to fulfill our missions, to help others, to help us learning how to do something.

Check Webnode: Missing adaptation of the topic

The Webnode is a basic website builder for section and element building - you create your website by piling your section (example: a "contact" area) vertical and add ing/adjusting items (example: a "map") within the section. 17 pre-set segments are available for choice. That' not much - other section-based website builder like WebsiteBuilder.com have a much larger range of choices of presets.

Predefined Section Predefined section includes: space, header, headline, header with buttons, two text lines. Customize section by attaching, deleting, or modifying items. You have 11 items to select from (no big choice in comparison to website builder like Squarespace). Webnode unfortunately often has the feeling that it provides the naked minimal.

Simpleness can be good (simple is ease of use), but if something is too simplistic, it will lack use. There' s no way to select how many column you want, so you can't have four partitions. One thing would be for Webnode to combine a basic user experience with a low cost, but it's actually quite costly.

Your first two payed plan still have webnode advertising on them - who would afford that! For such a humble website creator, this is costly. While the standard topic pictures on retinal display screens seemed crisp, the pictures loaded were not optimised for retinal display screens and would appear blurred. Webnode's member system allows you to make certain pages viewable only to authorized members of the site.

In this report, I spoke a moment ago about how Webnode provides the absolute minimal, and unfortunately this also applies to its topics: there is no way of making any sensible adjustments to the topics. Seriously, you're bound to all the colours the design has by standard. For example, there is no way to change the colour of the rose example on the right.

The Webnode provides a beautiful choice of 65 topics. All I wish was that there were some choices for adapting the topic!

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