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When you have Webnode Premium services, visitors are tracked on all pages of your site. Add the responsive Accordion FAQ widget to your Webnode website. Full instructions and free support for every Webnode user.

Webnode Website Creation Guide

At www.webnode.com, in the "Website Address" box, specify the required website location for your new website, as well as your e-mail addresses and passwords. At DonĀ“t you forgot to write down your e-mail and your login details as you will need them to log in and manage your website in the near term. First, select the kind of website you want to build.

Select a face-to-face website, a commercial website or an online shop according to the purposes of your website. We have selected a website for our purposes in this manual. The next step is to modify the name of your website, insert a tagline and, most of all, select a specific type of company by selecting "Show All".

Choose the one that best represents your company (or website) from the more than 100 available catagories and click it. Your website will be designed with the text for your specific type of website and included in your templates. Name of the chosen categorie will be added to "Business categorie".

Completing this information will help you avoid the need to fill in this information later, as it will be added to the " Contacts " section of your website later. Once the process of registering your product is complete, a dialog will appear with the new product name. When you choose the Run Webnode tutorial checkbox, you will be taken through the Webnode Help instructions for working with your Web site.

Now your website will be built and you will be forwarded to the website editors, where you can modify your website. Read the Introduction to Webnode articles.

The Webnode Community " Webnode Blogs

Webnode will celebrate the 10th birthday of the initial introduction of our Website builder next year. By now Webnode has reached 30 million user world-wide! Our company is modest and we appreciate this early present very much and hopefully you will be able to benefit from the cooperation with Webnode for many years to come. Webnode 2 is pleased to present you Webnode 2.

Over two years of painstaking and committed work by our developer and designer teams has enabled us to introduce you to our simple and easy-to-use tools to help you build your own website. If someone puts his faith in your company to make this vision come True, there is no better way to react than by "Una Boda Como La Tuya" (A wedding like Yours).

The number of clients and the price "Wedding Awards 2014" of Bodas.net, the most frequented and most beloved shop portal in Spain, confirm this. It was an opportunity to meet with the Marta and Leticia proprietors, who shared with us the secret of the great online shop's great succes, always prepared to make the most important moment in their customers' lives an memorable one.

Webnode has developed two new template kits thanks to the proposals of our customers. Use the advantages and try out the new responsive template, which was developed with a lot of commitment for you. About the new Webnode template? We would like to present this months Webnode's website Marco Tonelli as a successful one.

Following the flooding of the Lunigiana area in Italy on 25 October 2011, he was prompted, together with the Association of Tour Operators of the Lunigiana, to develop a website that would help increase public consciousness of this area situated between the lovely Tuscany, Liguria and Emilia Romagna areas. Lights of Shadows has come!

One of our Webmaster at Webnode is coming out of the shade today. "The " lighting of shadow " is a photographic projects, but it is not the main point, what is more important, to awaken positiv emotion and sharing it with everyone. Over 75% of Americans using smartphones research a specific item or feature on their mobile phones.

That' s why we are quickly extending our offer of portable models for e-shops, which make it much simpler for your clients to shop by telephone. There are 8 new patterns for you!

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