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Pricing Webnode

Learn what users say about Webnode. Check out users' webnode reviews, pricing information, and what features they offer. On first sight the pricing policy of the webnode is not very complicated.

Prices for Premier Service - Webnode

Get your own free 1 year free with our promotional offer. During the following years you can extend the validity of the normal extension charge. Disk is the amount of disk that is reserved for all the data and pictures you need to post on your website. The Bandwidth is a month-to-month limitation on the amount of pictures and data that can be uploaded to your visitors' computer whenever they open your site.

Simply link an infinite number of existing or buy a new one with Webnode. Then you will run your website under a professionally looking website like mywebsite.com instead of mywebsite.webnode.com. Provide profesional e-mail address corresponding to the website name ( e.g. david@mycompany.com ). Select from the form we have created or build new ones without restrictions to meet the needs of your website.

Season your website with interesting video in the back of your website. We' ve selected the best visuals for you and you can also join all the Youtube or Vimeo video. Removing webnode advertising from the bottom line gives your website a more polished look. It' easy to link a Google Analytics site to your website!

Build your website in several languages and get close to your global clients. Please note: This function does not translate the contents of your website. Back up your website before each large site refresh and you can always recover the full site at any time.

There is no free domainname included in this bundle. With Webnode you can simply add an infinite number of existing sites or buy a new one.

Webnode - Domain Pricing

Do I want my own domainname? As a result, you will have a web site that does not contain a web node such as mywebsite.com. Also, by selecting a clear and memorable domainname, you can help your clients recall your website and make their visits even more enjoyable.

Where can I get a free domainname? One of the simplest ways to get a free top level domains is to buy a Mini, Standard or Professional Premium package. Once the premium package has been purchased, you will receive a free one-year gift certificate for your registered domains. Is it possible to create more than oneomainname?

Yes, you can have as many registered toplevel sites as you want for your website. One of the domaines will be designated as the default and all other domaines will be redirected to it. For how long will I own the name? It is possible to registrate a domainname from 1 to 10 years.

By registering for two or more years, you can get up to 20% off the cost of your domains. In addition, long-term members do not have to update their registrations every year, which saves them a lot of valuable experience in the long run. When I buy my free domains, can I order more than one service? Upon first buying a Mini, Standard of Profi Premium package, you will get a coupon for a one-year subscription to a single domains.

The gift certificate is effective 45 business days from the date of completion of the Premium Services transaction. When you register your free domainname, you can also order several domainnames or an anonym name. Once the coupon number has been entered, the cost of a given domains will be deducted. Which type of domainname should I use?

It' s useful to have a . com and/or other registrations like . net or .org. In this way, you make sure that your competition does not use a similar domainname and take your prospective customers with them. Will I need Premium Services to use my own domainname? Yes, you need Premium Services to use your own domainname.

The first time you buy Premium Services, you will receive a free one-year registry. With no premium services, your site is displayed under a single domainname, the webnode, mywebsite.webnode.com, and your own domainname, mywebsite.com, is redirected to the webnode subsubdomain. How long and which domains do I get?

By purchasing a premium plan, you can select a specific domainname from our price list. The first time you buy a Mini, Standard or Professional Premium Plan, you will receive a free one-year registry. Starting from the second year you are paying both the premium plan and the domains.

It is possible to unsubscribe from the registry? You cannot unsubscribe from a registeredomainname. Once your order is complete, you become the holder of the domainname and it is not possible to unsubscribe. Is it necessary to disclose my private data in order to be able to registrate a specific domains?

For the successful registering of a website it is necessary to provide your data, e.g. your postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, etc. Such information is needed by the Registry and is available to the public in the Registry's data base. In case you do not want to disclose your private data, you can order an anonym registered domainname when you buy your domainname.

Choosing which domainname? Select a domainname that describes the intended use and the contents of your website. The use of the Keywords directly in your domains also helps your website to achieve a better ranking in the results of Google or other searching machines. If I already have a registered top level Domain with another Registry, what happens?

A Premium Plan allows you to run your website on a different registered name. Upon receipt of your deposit, you will receive a free one-year gift certificate for your registered domains. With the coupon, you can either registrate a specific website, upload your current website to Webnode or add your current website via your own DNA entries.

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