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Note that free webnode accounts are not allowed to add custom code. To sign in to your e-mail account In case you are already registered on the Webnode system, please sign out first. Go to the Webnode homepage and click on LIN. Register with the e-mail account you used to create your domainname, e.g.

info@mydomain.com. Don't type the sign-in e-mail that you type to sign in to work on your site.

In the My Projects page, click MAIL KONTOUR in the top right area. Now you can review your emails. Now if you want to modify your website, please unsubscribe from your e-mail and login again using the e-mail you registered with Webnode.

TIP: If you want full control over both the Mailbox and the Website Editors, you can configure the new e-mail addresses as administrators for this website.

This is how you install the member logon function

Membership Sign-up is a great new utility that allows your users to sign up for the safe pages of your website. Once you' ve signed up, your users - members - have unrestricted acces to all the password-protected pages on your site. Your members have email contact with your members, so you can keep them informed about the latest information and important website up-dates.

In order to use this function efficiently, there are two kinds of application request you need to submit to your site - the Member Registration Request and the Member Login Request. Adding the Member Registration FormThe Member Registration Form allows your users to sign up for a member on your website.

You must first approve any registrations before your new member can gain entry to the password-protected pages on the Site. Navigate to your website editors and open the page where you want to place the member subscription request from. If you click "More" on the icon bar, choose "Widgets" and move the "Form Member Registration" widget to any position on the page.

You will now see the member application page on your page. Don't neglect to publicize the site so that the sign-up page is available for your users. Once a user completes the application and sends the application to the website, a verification email will appear on the website. You will receive an e-mail notification about the new application, which must be validated by click on the button "here".

New members can also be confirmed in the Member Logon Administration section. Adding Member Logon FormThis new member logon page allows your members to log in and view the password-protected pages on your website. If you click on "More", choose "Widgets", then click on "Form Member Login" and pull it to the place you want.

You will now see the member registration page on your website. Tip: Add the member registration to your site using the Extended Preferences buttons so that it will appear on every page of your site.

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