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A unique feature you'll find in higher-level plans when you use Webnode to design a website is multilingual support. Webnode Contacts In case you cannot find the answers in our Frequently Asked Questions, please use our online enquiry service or send an email to support@webnode.com. Should you find unlawful contents or a website that violates Webnode's Terms and Conditions or your own law, please do not hesitate to email us at abuse@webnode.com.

If you need to get in touch with our public relations team ( e.g. to receive a dossier, logotype or webnode review), please go to our public relations section.

You can also use Webnode for your own project with our partner program. Please see the Partner Program section for more information.

The Webnode Knowledge Base

Specify the website name, e-mail address, and password. Once you have selected the website you want and the style sheet, you will instantly be redirected to the website editors. There are a number of functions available in the Notepad...... Click on www.webnode.com[http://webnode.com/] on log in. Please fill in your EMAIL-address and your password. Select on your MY PROJECTS page the website you would like to visit.....

Click on MY PLANES on your page on THE MANUAL in the top right area. From your MY PROJECTS page, select the website you want to work on. When you click START TO EDIT, you will be directed to the text area. TIP: On your MY THE PROJECT..... Click on WEBSITE on your MY PLANES page.

Type the name of your new website and click REGISTER & COMPLETE. TIP: You are able to make an immature..... In order to get a new one, go to www.webnode.com[http://webnode.com/] and click on log in. Do you click on PASSWORT VERGESSEN? Please fill in your e-mail adress and your.... From your MY PROJECTS page, select the website you want to remove and click Delte Project.

When you are sure that you want to remove your website, click on OK.....

The Webnode Knowledge Base

Select a page style and click SELECT. 2. you can make sub-pages by selecting a specific page and pulling a little to the right while you keep it under the home page. You can also modify your Webnode sign-in e-mail if necessary.

2. browse to the page you want to erase and click Erase Page. Position the pointer in the area between the segments to display the PLUS-key. Click this to add new segments. Position the pointer on the area you want to modify. Adjustment key is displayed in top right of section.

Select a picture from.... Position the pointer on the section you want to erase. Adjustment key is displayed in top right of section. Press CLEAR. We recommend using a 1920px headers for best results and the filesize should be about 600GB.

Bigger picture data can be used to load spin..... Please click on the logos at the top right of the headline. Click on CHANGE LOOGO to edit your own text or your own brand. Select a symbol..... Select ADJUSTMENTS.

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