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<font color="#ffff00">DesignsDesigns Webnode plattform was designed by the Westcom CZ and introduced in 2008. It' the offical website is user-friendly, but quite common. Our engineers ensure that anyone can build a nice and feature-rich website in just a few moments.

Webnode is offering two different site editors from March 2016: Site 2.

1. 0 for creating and editing face-to-face and corporate Web sites and 1. 0 - for on-line shops. In our test, we chose to build a website for our businesses in order to gain as much new functionality as possible. The Webnode offers more than 200 template choices, the precise number of which will depend on the website used.

Every face-to-face and commercial template we've tried is highly reactive. Several of the styles look appealing and inspirational and are in line with contemporary trends. Most e-commerce themes look general and unpretentious and are far from contemporary trends in terms of style. The choice of a theme became easier. Designer miniatures are small, but thanks to the full-screen previews you can select what you need before a website is made.

You can' t modify the theme at any point on the minus side, so you must carefully select a theme for your work. Adaptability of the designs is not as simple as it should be. Altogether the Webnode mark for everything that has to do with designing is a B. We are not so astounded.

Website Builders can be used to build web sites, face-to-face blogging, and webshops. AP for eCommerce has a new look (in contrast, the AP for eCommerce framework looks similar to Microsoft Word). There are other choices in them. Webnode's functionality is inconsistent: some things are well engineered while others are weaker.

Sometimes the grouping of the tool is illogical, which makes it hard to control the WebsiteBuilder. This section provides the following options: In general - here you can update your schedule and see the hard drive storage and bandwith restrictions; check your website for your own; check your website for new or associate your website with your current domainnames; email - allows you to build your own email box; website editor - allows you to ask other webnode members to modify your website; site preferences - modify the name of your website, associate with Google Analytics plus favicon, etc.; back up - back up your website (only available with subscription ); back up - back up your website (only available with subscription); select your website's preferred operating system - check the list of available operating systems; check the list of available operating systems; check the list of available operating systems; check the list of available operating systems; check the list of available operating systems; check the list of available operating systems; check the list of available operating systems; check the list of available operating systems.

This is where you can sign up your domains, administer your project, modify your profiles, search for website statistics and search for FAQ responses or get in touch with our technical team. Altogether the functions of Webnode do not make a big impact. How can I get a face-to-face conversation, a call-back enquiry sheet, customise my designs and an easy-to-use eCommerce website administration pod?

Face-to-face and commercial website choices have much more functionality than the on-line shop option, but many of them don't work if you adhere to the free will. As soon as you have built a website, you will receive a free of charge sub-website like site.webnode.com. After the upgrade, a private domainname can be linked to a chargeable tariff.

On first sight the price politics of the Webnode is not very difficult. We have four schedules for each of the available website type - face-to-face, commercial and on-line. As an example, backup is available in the default schedule for a face-to-face website and only in the professional schedule for a corporate website.

Twice as much to pay for a few essential functions and a new schedule name looks more like blackmail. Seeing as the pricing for private and commercial websites with little functionality difficulty is similar, let's take a look at the wholesale rate: Mini- ($5. 95/mo) - 500 megabytes of disk space, 3 GB bandwith, 3 voiceboxes, customized domains, top-level technical assistance; Standard ($11. 95/mo) - 2 GB disk space, 10 GB bandwith, 20 voiceboxes, multilingual assistance, backup, footer adjustment; Professional ($19. 95/mo) - 5 GB disk space, unrestricted bandwith, 100 voiceboxes, multilingual assistance, backup, pedal adjustment.

Restricted ($3. 95/mo) - 100 Mb memory, 1 GB bandwith, 0 inboxes, restricted functions. The limitations are many and artificial, and you'll have to spend twice as much on smaller additional functions. It costs you $300/year to create a website. The Webnode is completely inefficient. The Webnode only looks appealing for websites with a mini-rate.

Concerning eCommerce: At high rates you are provided with inconspicuous design with very restricted customisation possibilities, average usability and user-friendliness. Reduced availability of efficient tooling leads to inconspicuous sites, and price policies make the site even less attractive. The Webnode has great growing potentials. Webnode can be safely tested and compared with other gamers on the web.

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