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Latest tweets from Webnodes AS (@webnodes). Company behind the semantic Webnodes.Net CMS. The Webnodes CMS is developed by Webnodes AS. The Webnodes is an ASP.

Net CMS framework in enterprise quality.

Semantic CMS Webnodes - ASP.Net

The Webnodes CMS is an enterprise-quality ASP.NET CMS with unparalleled levels of connectivity between CMS and headquartersupport. The processing of the contents takes place in a sophisticated and user-friendly surface. The webnodes backed mindlessly before mindlessly receiving the actual significance. As early as 2011, Microsoft used Webnodes to demonstrate a Java Script and HTML front-end for contents retrieved from our integrated OData end-point.

Share your assets on any devices, anywhere. Learn more about our headsless techies. Special portable template or full assistance for an appealing look. Easily share your mediafiles with webnodes for easy edit! Mediafiles (pictures and videos) are played back as a copy of the originally loaded one.


If you wish to correct the item or otherwise oppose its removal for any reasons, you may do so. Though not necessary, you should state why you are against the removal, either in your editing overview or on the dialog page. The Webnodes CMS is a semiantic CMS (Content Managment System) for the publication of contents on websites, webshops, internet portals, webtranets, web pages and communities.

The Webnodes CMS is hosted by Webnodes AS. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, the firm was formed in 2010 through a spin-off of Webscape, as Webnodes was awarded R&D subsidies and fiscal benefits by Innovation Norway and the Research Council of Norway for its effort to develop a semiantic CMS using ASP.Net technologies.

The Webnodes CMS is semantic[1] oriented and includes a semantic content engine that allows the user to specify a user-defined ortology. Meaningful semiantics is facilitated by the Information Sciences (Ontology) Microdata Data Interfaces and the provision of OData[2] and Schema.org microdata. Then the CMS framework uses obtology to build an objectmodel that allows the developer to work with.

Integrated ORM automates the creation of databases table and field for storage of contents information. Websites are established by the definition of contents and relations between different kinds of contents. CMS Webnodes is in C#. The Webnodes CMS has an integrated ORM. Webnodes CMS organizes contents according to themes and not according to actual pages in a hierarchical hierarchy.

In her work, a data-centric rather than a page-centric paradigm was used to develop a semiantic CMS. This CMS frameworks is conceived as a plattform for the construction of customer-specific websites for integration with other frameworks and for the re-use of existing content. It has been conceived to be lightweight and easy to use.

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