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The Lite mode Webnote is a tool to take notes on your computer. https://www.webnode.com/start-my-website/ Webnode is an incredibly simple website builder. ¡Aún noes usuario de Webnode?

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Entering a name for a non-existent work area creates it automaticly for you. To see only the functions of Webnote, you can have a look at the example work area. The Webnote is a useful way to take your note on your computer. Allows you to quickly record something during a briefing, a course, or any other point in your life when a web navigator is available.

Begin by setting up a working area and making memos in the working area. Store your working area at any point and recall it from the same computer or another computer. Or you can exchange your comments with others by sharing the name of your desktop (or URL) with a colleague. new host! by sharing your desktop name (or URL) with a colleague.

If you find any mistakes, let me know by e-mail. If you want to send tens of millions of users per tag, please do not include your Webnote page in an orframe. I have made a modification to the way the website data base works. Anything that seems damaged, let me know by e-mail.

Updated: This modification takes into account the upper and lower case of query name. Previously the same working area was loaded with the working area name "Sample Workspace" as with "Sample Workspace". Now you must assign the case that was used when you first save the work area. When you find it difficult to find the right case, send me an e-mail with the name of the working area and I will look it up.

Send me an e-mail if you have any issues. I am also making an additional back-up of the data base on another computer, so be sure your memos are all backed up and not wasted.


If you need information about your access data, please send us an e-mail. Every web note in the libary is a PDF file that describes the subject. We' re constantly striving to extend the Webnote libary, and you can find the latest versions in the New Publications section. Please send us an e-mail if there is a particular subject you are interested in or if you have an ideas for a web note that you would like to see.

Please send us your comment and feed back on any web notes you have downloaded.

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