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Webs.com is the right Website Builder for you? This Webs.com Review explains how it can help you create your website. This is our point of view on the Swiss Army Knife of the Website Builders.

Webs.com Review (September 18) | 55 million websites created? Lucky for you?

Web is a proper website building tool with handy features and applications that help you create a website without having to type it. More than 55 million sites were created with Webs.com at the point of our rating - why is it so well-loved? Web sites have been around since 2001 and their appeal is growing as newer site developers like Wix and Weebly join the group.

We want to see for ourselves in this Webs. com reviews what makes Webs. so well known. Websites are aimed primarily at small companies and entrepreneur. It does not mean that you cannot create a personally or nonprofit Web site with Web sites, as you can in any case (we will look below at usability and Web site creation tools).

However, the utilities they make available are slightly more focused on small business, which we will check and tell you our opinions below. A reservation is that although there are over 55 million web sites running, it is difficult to know how many of these sites are active (or are abandoned) - because they are personal information.

The most important point of our Webs.com reviews is that there have been websites since 2001 and probably will be for a long way - which is an important aspect for website developers like you. In terms of usability, Webs has done a good job of making it quite easy for you to create a website.

Using the Drag&Drop Building tool, you can draw a module (such as a picture, paragraph, slide show, etc.) into the website and click it to modify it. In comparison to other website developers (e.g. Wix or Squarespace) the learn curves are not high. As a side remark, just basing on previous user feedbacks, Webs was quite flawed and can sometimes be frozen.

Web has finished a major revision of its builds in mid-2012, and the latest release of the builds offers you a much more smooth usability and expertise. Webs allow you to create member pages directly on their web pages. It is a very uncommon feat in the website building industry and in fact, Webs is the only website building software we know of that contains the functions of the members website in its own built.

Other website builder allow you to try to incorporate remote member gateways (e.g. Sentry Login) into your website. However, the problem is that they are not natively for the WebsiteBuilder when used with outside service providers and therefore conflict can arise - in fact, you need to find out the tech details of how to install the member site.

For Web sites, the Member feature is fully embedded into your Web site and allows you to administer members, sending group emails to members, and limiting which of your pages can be seen by the general audience or only by members. So, if you're considering creating a member page, Websites is a website builders you should definitely try.

View our evaluation of the Web site member feature here. Web has an App Store that lets you add additional third-party functionality and utilities directly to your Web site. Apps might contain customer information / interactive organisation tool, as well as document share, Etsy stores etc. This is one way, as our introductory remarks indicate, how webs are trying to offer their service to small business and business owners.

In this way, you can select which app to include in your web site. The one thing that makes webs good is that all these applications are fully built into their builders, so the installation is just a click of the mouse - you don't have to think about how to add applications to your web site, which might sometimes be technically.

The majority of other website builder (except Wix) do not provide this function. Sometimes, when a site owner is not entirely satisfied with the style, some site builder like Weebly or Jimdo allow the site owner to change the HTML/CSS code to change the style (they can assign a designer/programmer to help).

Websites doesn't give you this versatility, so if you're not entirely satisfied with the 40ish originals they give you, you won't be able to change them through code. Webs, however, allow you to configurate certain aspect of the style sheet, such as colour scheme, wallpaper / patterns, type style, etc.

As we tested webs, the load times between page changes were quite sluggish. As we used other website builder to create sites, the switch between pages was quite fast. While this won't stop you from creating a fairly good website, it will be a little tedious as all the seconds of wait will be added especially at the beginning when you are going to put a barrel of contents into the website.

However, the site loads quite quickly when it is in publicized state. So, if your website is visited by your website users, the download times are quite reasonable. THE WEBS IS IDEAL FOR...... When you are a small company or are planning to have an on-line store (e-commerce), Websites is a website builders that you should consider (at least try for free).

Its main triggers are that its e-commerce utilities allow you to present several pictures per shop article, find products and track inventories (more e-commerce discussions below), and also its built-in apps help you better administer your company and help you safe your precious valuable resources. But, as stated in our Webs.com reviews above, even if you only want to create a private or non-profit website, webs have enough utilities to allow you to create a fairly good website.

Websites is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website builders, which means that you construct the whole website directly in front of you and what you see when you construct it is what actually appears after you release the website. Web offers you the possibility to create either "normal pages" or "special pages".

Web sites offer 6 different page layouts so that each time you build a new page, you can select which page layouts you want to use. Websites also offer you "special pages" - what we mean is that they have special, predefined textured websites from which you can select. This includes pages devoted to blogging, web shops, photography, memberships, videos, fora, guest books and dates.

You' ll find these preset pages in the App Store and they are great to have, especially if you have a need for them. Overall, it' s a very intuitional and user-friendly website building tool basing on our Webs.com rating. Webs offers many functions, but keeps things quite simply.

Websites has over 450 optimised designs for your mobility, from which you can select what is quite a large one. Webs doesn't give you the versatility to manipulate the HTML and css of templates, so even if you want to assign someone to change the look for you, you won't have this choice with Webs.

That is also the main argument why there are no third parties for web template development, which is similar to Wix. Webs offers some customisation possibilities. However, in general the choice and versatility of web template is not very extensive in comparison to other website builder. While you can still create a good website with webs, if you are careful about your designs, webs can get a raw deal here.

In addition to the web site browsing interface, Web sites also offer some choices when it comes to customising your web site's web site interface for your use. Actually, the choices that websites offer you are much more than what other website developers have. The majority of website builder only offer you a generically designed portable device and you cannot customise it.

For Web, you can select from 6 different templates. It' a great function that gives you more power over your portable website without having to buy and maintain a portable one. By subscribing to your Premier Schemes, you can receive e-mail backup for the Starter Scheme, e-mail + webcast for the Advanced Scheme, and e-mail + webcast + telephone backup for your Premier Scheme.

But if you only use your free schedule, your assistance options are restricted to forums discussion, so you may not get the level of awareness you might want. Websites have a knowledge base that is stored in the Dashboard. We' ve tried this and find a great deal of answer in the knowledge base - so this feature is very useful.

One point of change, however, is that webs might try to include more images and video tutorials in their help section. When you build an on-line shop, Webs provides a fairly complete e-commerce solutions. Optionally you can either create a web shop or directly embed your Etsy shop (if available) into your website.

The Webshop of Web has all the handy functions that every on-line shop needs. You also have full control over the stock trace system for your premiums. With this system you can directly administer and trace your products in the Webs dashboard. There are more ways to pay if you include your Etsy shop on the website.

Overall, we think in our Webs.com evaluation that there is a respectable range of e-commerce utilities that can help you establish a web-shop. In order to get the most out of your tool offering, you need to update to their Premier Packs, which you should consider if you're serious about your company (we'll talk about Premier Packs and Prices below).

Also, another good thing is that webs do not receive a commission on any of your transactions (some other cart providers take a percent of your sales), so you can keep all your winnings. Web allows you to optimise all fundamental features of your website, such as title and description.

Websites also offers you an in-house trafficking tracker with which you can see how many visits you have, how many page views, month average, visitor source, etc... If you want to use Google Analytics instead of Web's own statistics tracker, of course you can. Simply add the portion of the track and trace information you receive from Google Analytics to the Preferences page when you're in your web dashboard.

Site Builders Guide Website SEO - see our thoughts about site building using different site building tools and how they are compared to each other. Websites offers free web hosting so you don't have to spend money on it even if you don't use your plan. It is useful because you do not need to administer your own host.

When there are problems with technology or safety, Webs will administer them for you so that your website always works well. The free disk storage you get, however, should be enough for you to create a simple website. A disadvantage of webs is that there is no export feature. That means if you ever want to use another Website builder or hosted your own website, you can't take the website with you.

You' ll need to rebuild the site from the ground up if you ever decide to abandon sites. We recommend checking Webs.com: If you are interested in webs, try it for free to see if it suits your needs. They can try to use webs for free and there is no need to press for an update as they do not set a deadline for free use.

When you choose to switch to the Web's Premier Schemes, they have a 30-day back-warranty, which takes the risk out of your pocket: Websites has 3 stages of premier plans: Subscribe to a 1- or 2-year subscription and receive a "volume discount" of 33% on the month's rate - a significant saving if you resign yourself to using Web sites after testing them with a free trial subscription.

Of course, the advantage of upgrade to Premier Plan is that you get privileged connectivity to Premier functions such as a full suite of e-commerce utilities and preferred level of customer service. When you compare the price of premier site plan compared to other site constructors, you will find that the monetary return on your site builder's usage is quite reasonable, or even easy on the cheap side.

In addition, you will receive $100 in promotional credits from Web sites that you can use for Google Adwords and Facebook ads when you subscribe to their enhanced or pro-plan. This alone means that you can use the Web's premiums free of charge in the first year. Like our web reviews say, this website Builder gives you a number of great utilities when you create an on-line shop, and its App Store gives you some useful utilities that are fully embedded in webs to help you run your company.

Using built-in utilities provides fast and hassle-free deployment and the assurance that apps will not interfere with the web. Built on our Webs.com rating, this website builder is a robust website building tool with many handy functions and apps that allow you to create a fully operational website for small businesses and/or on-line stores.

Also, if you want to create a site to register for your site as a member, Webs is one of the very few site builders to provide this functionality to you as part of their builds. Your advantage is that you don't have to deploy an outside member system that can cause conflicts with WebsiteBuilder - headaches you don't need.

Overall, our Webs.com reviews results are that it is a user-friendly constructor and the study curve needed to master how to use it is quite low, so you can create a website without pulling your out. While the choice of templates is somewhat restricted in comparison to other site building tools, they offer you some good ways to customize each one.

Furthermore, Web sites have good customisation capabilities for portable sites, which is useful as more users become "mobile". One good way is to begin with a free website, get familiar with its utilities and how simple or hard it is for you to use websites, and then make your own decisions whether or not to perform an update.

Ultimately, Web sites are free for you, and even if you choose to buy an update, you still have a 30-day money-back warranty that takes the risk out of your pocket. Have you found this review useful?

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