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Webs, Inc. operates an online marketing platform. Flexible 360 for employer - Tempus Health Flexit360 makes it easier for you and your staff to select and administer services. Use our web-based user interfaces for comfortable and extensive group performance planing. The Flexit360 provides a full performance measurement system that includes support for enrollment, automatic salary accounting, personnel information systems (HRIS) and bearer and policy futures.

With more than a century of expertise, Flexit360 helps organizations and individuals administer their services, whether in legacy or customized schedules.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help your business streamline performance measurement. Decrease employee outage time and staff education with our easy-to-use interfaces. Flext360 assists staff in making sound performance choices and integrates them into the registration proces. Staff are able to select, comprehend and communicate service changes and preferences when and where they are most comfortable.

Operates with most wage and personnel lifecycle planning software to help minimize lost information or miscalculations. It can help administer a multitude of performance schedules, including: traditionally, traditionally with optionality, default kernel plus optionality, flexible or custom. Flexit360 is an on-line social security system, which includes an employees registration utility hosted by TELUS Health.

More than a dozen years of expertise in the development of conventional and adaptable configuration solutions enable us to satisfy the demands of most performance schedules on the industry. Reduce misinformation or miscalculations with Flexit360's simple integration with most in-house IT tools, as well as HRIS and salary accounting. Automatically adjusts when you add or remove people, update people information, move people between departments, and change permissions.

Enable workplaces to provide more options such as endowment policies, serious illnesses, AD&D and other non-insurance-related offers, and make the information readily understandable to help workers make decisions that fit their circumstances. Help staff members better grasp their benefit and modify cover in a simple way, adding or changing relatives and dependents, and downloading/printing their latest cover.

In addition, staff can browse, view and produce up-to-date brochures and incentive schemes, tooth and healthcare form and trip assurance form. Offers 24/7 employee uptime. Flexit360 can be configured to fit your performance schedule, and we analyse your needs. Take advantage of our vast expertise in the areas of first implementations, development of off-the-shelf operational practices, education, integration within existing IT environments, and feedback action scheduling.

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