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Art & Crafts Store in Northampton, Massachusetts. I didn't know we'd be this close on a trip to Massachusetts.

WEBS Yarn shop (

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America's yarn shop

Expend $60 or more on qualifying threads and jackets and receive 20% off. Expend $120 or more on qualifying threads and accounts and receive 25% off. The Valley is our own line of nice, inexpensive and classical threads. There are also exquisite designs that have been specially created for our Valley Yorkers. Colored in wool thread Co.

The Alpaca Yarn Co. The Fibre Co.

The WEBS America's Yarn Store in Northampton is an important target for the knitter, weaver and spinner.

North Hampton - Steven L. Elkins has won the National Retail Federation's television competition "This is Retail" at the WEBS America's Yarn Store, and even though he was chosen from the top 20 in the region, he was knocked down before he made the top 10. The WEBS is a second generations company that has been a target for the knitting, weaving and spinning industries for more than 30 years.

Twenty winners of the final round of the competition were selected on the basis of the ratings of senior retailers from National Federation member firms. Evaluation was carried out on the basis of several criteria, among them attractiveness and efficiency of using the main topics of the competition to create employment, promote innovations and increase the value of consumers.

Mr. Ellen R. Davis, National Retail Federation Sr. VP, said the WEBS videotape showed how retailing can help build a fellowship. Nearly 100 videos were submitted to the association for the competition. Competition finals included everything from small shop keepers to VPs of domestic retailing chain, from wineries to sportsmen.

The jury, which found that the contestants accidentally had a link to Massachusetts West - Dave Ratner, who owns Dave's Soda and Pet City and is widely known for his work in the small and medium trade throughout the country. Competition finals will be revealed on May 1 and fly to the Washington Leadership Conference of the Consumer Association to announce competition leaderboards on May 16.

This competition was developed to encourage retailing as a careers opportunity and to showcase the diversity of careers available in retailing. "The amazing tales we learned from small shopkeepers and staff during this competition remind us that retailing is at the core of every community," said Matthew Shay, President and CEO of the National Retail Federation. Here's a list of some of the most important retailers in the United States.

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