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The GoCentral Web site product allows you to create a Web site that meets your personal or business needs, regardless of your skills. No longer do you have to choose between a website and an online shop - now you can have both. Freedom to create a website that is limited only by your imagination. The tools you need to create a remarkable website without technical knowledge.

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Web sites can have many features and can be used in different modes; a Web site can be a private Web site, a business Web site for a business, a federal Web site, an organizational Web site, etc.. Web sites are usually devoted to a specific theme or goal, from entertaining and socially connected networks to delivering messages and educational services.

The World Wide Web is made up of all public Web sites, while personal Web sites, such as a company's Web site for its staff, are usually part of an ontranet. Pages, which are the components of web sites, are typical clear text written web pages that are filled with Hypertext Markup Language (HTML, XHTML) commands.

You can integrate items from other Web sites with appropriate mark-up anchorages. Often a web navigator, the user's app will render the page contents to a computer according to its HTML mark-up statements. Hyperlinks between web pages give the readers the website's layout and guide the website's browsing, often starting with a home page containing a list of the website's web contents.

Certain Web pages request a login or unsubscribe to be able to access them. Unsubscribe Web Site instances typically occur on many commercial Web Sites, messaging Web Site, scholarly Web Site, game Web Site, file-sharing Web Site, messaging board, Web-based e-mail, community Web Site, real-time Web Site, and Web Site offering various other types of service. Enforcement end uses can connect to Web pages with a variety of gadgets, among them desktops and laptops, tablets, phones and televisions.

Prior to the adoption of HTML and HTTP, other file transfer and Gopher formats were used to fetch single file formats from a single file servers. Sites have many features and can be used in different modes; a website can be a face-to-face website, a business website, a government website, or a non-profit website.

Web pages can be the work of an individuals, company or other organisation and are usually devoted to a specific subject or use. Each website may contain a link to another website, so the differentiation between different web pages as seen by the users may be blurry. Web pages are either created in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) or transformed into HTML and opened via a GUI that is categorized as a global HTML application.

Web site is harbored on a computer system known as a web browser, also known as a Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) browser. Those concepts may also include the softwares that run on those platforms and that retrieve and provide the web pages in reply to queries from Website visitors.

The Apache is the most widely used web serving application (according to Netcraft statistics) and Microsoft's IIS is also widely used. Imagine a web site that stores web pages on the webserver in the format that is sent to a web browsing application. Pictures are often used to achieve the look you want and as part of the core contents.

You can also view your voice or visual as " statically " when it is played back auto- or non-interactively. Just like issuing a print booklet to a client, a web site usually provides consistency and standardization of information over a longer timeframe. While the website owners can make regular upgrades, this is a hand-crafted text, photo, and other editing operation that requires essential website designing skill and customization.

Plain shapes or example web sites such as a traditional web site, a five-page web site or a booklet web site are often fixed web sites because they present predefined and fixed information to the end visitor. Four large classifications of applications can be used to edit web sites that are static: Template-based publishers such as iTunes Web enable web page creation and web page uploading to a web browser without in-depth HTML skills by selecting an appropriate theme from a range and adding images and text on a desktopsublishing basis without directly manipulating HTML coding.

In addition, statical Web sites can use server-side include (SSI) for ease of processing, such as the ability to share a shared menubar across multiple pages. Since the behavior of the website towards the readers is still stationary, this is not regarded as a dynamical website. It is a website that changes or adapts itself often and spontaneously.

Server side dynamical pages are created "on the fly" by computer codes which create the HTML (CSS are in charge of the look and feel and thus for statical files). ColdFusion ( CFML ) and Active Server Pages are available for the generation of dynamical web applications and websites.

For general Web development such as Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby, various Web applications and Web templates are available to make the creation of complicated Web sites quicker and simpler. Web sites can show the status of a dialog between different people, track a change in situations, or deliver information tailored to the needs of people.

If, for example, the title page of a message page is required, the HTML fragment saved on the Web server can be combined with messages from a Web site or data base via RSS to create a page with the latest information. They can be interactivity by using HTML templates, saving and retrieving browsers cookie, or building a set of pages that mirror the prior click histories.

A further example of vibrant contents is when a consumer website with a data base of consumer electronics allows a consumer to enter a query, e.g. for the Beatles cue. As a reaction, the website contents changes to their original form on the fly and then displays a listing of Beatles items such as CD's, DVD's and book titles.

Dynamic HTML uses JavaScript to tell the web navigator how to change page content in an interactive way. A way to model a particular kind of website and at the same time avoid the degradation of power when launching the dynamical search engines on a users or connections base is to regularly generate a large number of pages statically on a regular base.

Web pages can be subdivided into two large catagories - statically and interactively. Interaktive Web pages are part of the Web 2. 0 Web site communities and enable interaction between the Web site owners and the Web site visitor or user. Stationary Web pages are used or collect information, but do not allow direct interaction with the public or user.

Certain sites are informative or are created by enthusiastic users or for individual use or amusement. A lot of web sites are aimed at making a living by using one or more different types of businesses, including: Publication of interesting contents and sale of context-related advertisements either through face-to-face distribution or through an ad serving area. Many different types of web sites exist, each of which specializes in a specific kind of contents or usage, and they can be freely categorized.

Portal that provides not only its own CMS, but also provides synergized contents from other CMS vendors for an arranged charge. Those web pages depend on innocent people with bad computer viruses on their machines. As a rule, these pages do not offer anything, but concentrate on developing the trademark. Branded construction is most often for low-value, high-volume, fast-moving FMCGs.

Counterfeit Messages WebsiteA website that publishes counterfeit messages that are designed to fool users and benefit from advertisements. As a rule, these pages also run web pages that serve to educate tourist or promote them. Informations seitMost web pages fall into this categories to a certain degree. The most common use of mirrors site is to share the same information with more than one source, and is particularly valuable as a way to reliably gain control of large files.

Personally owned web pages about an individuals or a small group (e.g. a family) that contain information or contents that the individuals want to use. Website which largely reproduces the contents of another website without authorization, without actually claiming to be this website, in order to collect part of the traffics of this website (in particular from searchengines) and to benefit from advertisements or otherwise.

Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! Web PortalA website that provides a point of departure or gate to other web resource or,, Yahoo! Some sites may be listed in one or more of these categoryss. An example of a portfolio site is a particular kind of e-commerce website or commercial site (i.e. it tries to resell membership for accessing its website) or has network connectivity.

Web sites are limited by architectonic boundaries (e.g., the computational capacity associated with the Web site). Large Web sites such as Facebook, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Google are employing many server and traffic balancers such as Cisco Content Services Switches to spread traffic across a number of machines at different Sites.

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