Website Builder Application

Web Builder Application

PaaS for low code, high productivity applications. Freeware Website Builder / Application Builder A complete end-to-end application that helps non-software users build and maintain sophisticated shapes, presentations, websites, spreadsheets, applications, charts, advertisements, and multi-format contents. The user can also administer project and task management, analyze dates and build RSS dashboards to keep abreast of business, current affairs and sport without having to write a line of codes.

Non-programmable user interface configuration enhances user-friendliness, improves customer service and automates the whole production cycle. - Access the Facebook wideget in a fun and uncomplicated way to interact with your loved ones. - Access LinkedIn to see the latest events in the industry. - Find, store your criterias with the Find widget, and post them.

  • Browse Wikipedia and bookmark Wiki and post them as widgets. - The online Template Designers Widget will help you build HTML templates for your blog, website, contacts, and response templates by drag and drop moving template items and posting them to web pages, blog, and reception templates. - Entrepreneurs can use funding widgets to publicize their commercial plan when they need funds for their company.
  • Advertise and share ads and contents in multiple format using advertising widgets such as carousels, slideshows, and catalogs. - Children can use library widgets where they can write and post their own idea based work. - Timeline widget for publishing event with date and hour. - Post your created contents, services, and information on sites, blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and other socially connected sites.
  • Easily categorize and sort your movies in the Videogallery. Help users, artists, businesses and businessmen organise and categorise music. - RSS Widget allows users to sign up for various feeds and contents and post them on their own blog and website. - Project Management Widget administers project, task and on-line businesses to improve efficiency, avoid delay and minimise costs.
  • This widget provides the ability to create, edit, and customize the raster with sort, filter, bulk select, page break, and visualize information. - Datavisualization widget For visualizing distant datas in the forms of beam chats, circle diagrams and line diagrams without programming. - My widgets like bookmarks, weather, contact, list of activity, notepad, local time and pocket calculator help the users with their daily work.
  • Website Widget like Brokers and Restaurant help brokers and shopkeepers to build their own web sites. - Customizable UI and Layout Manager allow the operator to customize the page layout and organise the widget locations on the layout, allowing the operator to choose the contents and place the contents as desired.

User-friendly broadgets that make it simple to change and publish your work in near-real time. The addition of these Widgets to any website, blogs, community sites, etc. is simple with a click and insert.

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