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upgrading from WebsiteBuilder to WebsiteBuilder Plus To update your WebsiteBuilder to WebsiteBuilder Plus, complete the following procedure.... When you have only one packet, you will end up on the Administration page.

When you have more than one pack, choose the pack you want to order to go to the Administration page. From the Hosting page, click the WebsiteBuilder Plus icon and proceed to the ordering page.

1&1 Website Builder Plus upgrade to 1&1 WebsiteCreator migration

Find out how to move your 1&1 WebsiteCreator to the 1&1 Website Builder. 1&1 WebsiteCreator in your agreement is an obsolete feature. In order to maintain the safety of your website and your users, we will deactivate the 1&1 WebsiteCreator until the end of the year. 1&1 Website Builder. We suggest that you migration your website to the 1&1 Website Builder.

Default software is part of your agreement, it is free, modernised and safe. 1&1 Website Builder Plus is a paid 1&1 Website Builder Plus that comes with a custom web page creation tool and several hundred 1&1 web apps to improve your website, including PayPal, Google Maps, Facebook, a weblog, and more. in the Hostin section of the web page controls. buttons to launch the upload. buttons... to choose a theme selection. buttons in the web page tools bar to launch the web page creation tool bar to enable the web page creation tool bar to enable the web page creation tool bar to enable the web page creation tool bar to enable the web page creation tool bar to activate the web page creation tool bar to help you create a new web page.

Nine Important Things You Need to Know

Below the'techie' appearance of the 1&1 homepage is a drag-and-drop website builder that is designed for ordinary, busily web surfers like you and me. This could be the ideal way to get your small company up and running quickly. 1&1's Website Builder, MyWebsite, makes website construction so simple and simple that Wix and Weebly get a run for their bucks.

To keep pace with the market, 1&1 continues to add smart new functionality such as the Online Business Card and Remote Support Wizards. On the one hand, there is no free map - not even a free test version. MyWebsite provides good value for your money in comparison to the competitors with pricing schedules ("packages") from just one dollar per year.

Neither of 1&1's themes can compete with Squarespace to create pep. So, if you want the hottest page on the pad and lots of lush inspirational styling, 1&1 MyWebsite may not be right for you. Because 1&1 populates its template with industry-specific information, it is ideal for high-volume contractors and small companies.

Is it right for your company? I gave one (whole!) of my hard-earned dollars for the 1&1 Basic 1&1 website for this detailed check. Then, I digged deeply to test the template of the mysite, the ease of use on the go, the customisation and more. #11&1 SHORT SHORT SHORT SHARE MEWEBSITE REVIEWS - WHAT ARE THE TOP 3 ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES?

1&1's models span several hundred professions in which ordinary work. 1&1's originals are pre-installed with logo, menu and photographs that have been selected according to your needs. These contents are also reserved for you. When you choose to use the Basics or higher plans, you can use up to five of 1&1's floor image files on your posted website - and even optimize them with the great built-in image editing.

We take a close look at the 1&1 template here and the fitting tool here. MyWebsite 1&1 makes it easier to achieve and maintain your website's unique look and feel (SEO) in a way that most other website developers don't. but most website builder doesn't. With 1&1 MyWebsite you can create a professionally looking website in just a few moments without any technical knowledge.

What if you need enhanced functionality? You are in good hands, because 1&1 provides almost every online experience under the stars. 1&1 has made it, from enhanced website functionality such as automatic widgets and HTML to e-commerce and web commerce software. They may not want these sevices now, but they will as your company expands.

The aesthetic of 1&1 cannot compete with the Squarespace win factors. Don't get me wrong-- many of the newer 1&1 originals look marvelous. You have the latest functions such as the ability to react on the move and to scroll parallaxes (more on this here). Well, the older models look a little bit like, well, template. As you can see from our Website Builder Compare Table, most of 1&1 MyWebsite's competitors provide a free map or a free evaluation version.

MyWebsite Basic Bundle is very inexpensive with only $1 per months for your first year, and all MyWebsite bundles come with a 30-day back-warranty. However, you may want to use a website builder that does not ask for advance payment. They can also be deterred by the charges on the entire 1&1 website.

The majority of these are for 1&1 MyWebsite separated service, so you don't have to care about them now (or at all). The 1&1 homepage is equipped with technical abbreviations such as SSL, PHP, MySQL and CPanel. 1&1 MyWebsite is actually very simple to use, as we will see in this test.

However, the first impression counts, and the 1&1 lingo can deter novices. We take a close look at the usability of 1&1 here, as well as its help and assistance here. HOW EASY IS IT TO BUILD A WEBSITE WITH 1&1 MYSITE? When you use the new online business card function, you can set up a professionally designed website in seconds.

An online business card is a personalised page "under construction". Use your own picture, logotype and text - or just go to the contents of 1&1. Here my online business card is in the making. Here, too, you will receive a large number of free industry-specific texts, menu items and headlines as well as up to five professionally produced archive photographs from 1&1's extensive picture database.

These preinstalled contents are best for inspiring and guiding. The point is, you don't have to substitute the contents. When you need to publish a website as soon as possible, 1&1 MyWebsite is difficult to be beaten. But 1&1's have a bonuses feature: a click on 'Open in a new page'.

Basic will give you a single domainname with all its bundles, but you will have to go through the selection, registration and link to your website processes. In 1988, 1&1 founded its own trade name before it even needed a website. HOW GOOD ARE THE 1&1 SAMPLES?

Would you like a website that works right out of the box and suits your industry - whether it' tinsmithing, financial affairs or pet-sitting? The 1&1 originals are then perfect. Visit the 1&1 template collection and view over 360 themes. You' ll even get a portable previewer right in the template book, along with beautiful big thumbnails:

Tens of 1&1's latest layouts contain advanced functions such as scanning parallaxes. It has become a must-have for contemporary web sites. However, designing is not the top 1&1 agenda. Those are models that are to be used, not to be regarded in reverence. Prefilled contents not only reflect the trading mode of the submission, but also contain certain information that you have specified.

Prefilled contents are a big plus for 1&1. And you can use up to five pictures from 1&1's picture collection - from which you can select from more than 20 million pictures. Check this against Squarespace, whose'demo content' magic turns into a'404 bug page' when you try to use it on your posted website!

1&1's ready-made artwork can help you safe a lot of your precious times, efforts and costs. 4 HOW ARE THE 1&1 SAMPLES ADAPTABLE? Create a website from the ground up with HTML and CSS? What do you do? Poor tidings are that 1&1 MyWebsite is characterized by numbers 1 and 3. In contrast to Squarespace, with MyWebsite you can draw the borders of the contents block of your style sheet, and you can also move the block within a reasonable frame.

They can also trim and rearrange photographs and other contents within the block. Square Space can get away with unflexible block contents because its designs are breathtaking. In fact, if you like 1&1 originals, you don't need high-performance customisation tool. However, if you want to turn your design into something out of the ordinary, you may find it hard to realize your dream with 1&1 MyWebsite.

Part of the reason for this is that the contents of 1&1 "snap" to fix points when you move them. In order to get the best 1&1 experience, you must be in the MyWebsite Plus bundle ($10/month) or higher. The MyWebsite Plus contains a clear set of 'personalisation rules'. Even though 1&1's drag-and-drop adjustments are not entirely Weebly or Wix compliant, MyWebsite is more than just a default one.

It also has a number of functions to expand your website - and expand your company. MyWebsite 1&1 is perfect if you want a website that you can quickly post. Adjustment is also simple thanks to drag-and-drop contents and integrated editing utilities, which include editing photos. WILL YOUR 1&1 WEBSITE LOOK GOOD ON PHONE AND TABLET MONITORS?

That' s why it is really important that your website is portable. When you run a small company, it's important. Tens of 1&1's newer models are responsiveness. They can get a fairly good impression of it from the awesome, hands-on 1&1 Prescan modes. Only reactive models are provided by Squarespace and SmugMug. Square Space has a portable previews modus, but it is not as interactively as the 1&1 one.

If you want to create a seperate website, what is it? Stay close, because with 1&1 MyWebsite you can do the same. The older 1&1 models are all 'adaptive'. MyWebsite 1&1 generates a portable edition that you can then customise independently of the Desktop edition with a built-in portable text processor.

Disadvantage is that these older originals are usually less classy than the newer ones. A lot of people also miss designer characteristics like scanning parallaxes. When you want to work on a portable edition without compromising your look and feel, Wix may be the better option for you. Wix's template doesn't react automaticly, but they can all be adjusted to an astonishing extent in independent desktops and portable editing devices.

It is important to get a glimpse when creating a fast-reacting website. 6 WHICH SEO-TOOLS (SEARCH MACHINE OPTIMIZATION) DOES 1&1 USE? The 1&1 site performs brilliantly in the demystification of Google Internet Explorer (SEO). Each page of your website has its own unique page where 1&1 will invite you to fill in as much or as little information about your website as you want.

1&1 SOE setting fields not only encourage you to fill in information, they also help you better understanding why it is important. With 1&1 MyWebsite, you can customise the web page layout (URL) of each page. It'?s very good for our deal. Suppose you build a website about dog and have a page about dog workouts.

1&1's ability to adapt and interleave page address information is a major advantage over its competition. The Wix allows you to specify page url, but most other site builder does not. Please be aware that if you are on the MyWebsite Plus bundle or higher ($10/month), you will receive an additional MyWebsite Plus editorial feature. So if you really want to be seen on Google and bring traffic to your site, 1&1 could be an great place to go for Website Builder.

Help is available throughout the 1&1 website, and most of it is available free of charge, whether you have a MyWebsite or not. The 1&1 Help Center is a browseable repository of items and instructional video. There is a whole section dedicated to MyWebsite, with instructions for everything from linking domain names to creating new pages.

If you want a longer "sit back and read" article, take a look at the free Digital Guides from 1&1. Creation Digital Guide website contains information on creating a website board, 5 hints on selecting the right domains and much more. There is no dedicated number for 1&1 MyWebsite, but the support staff will contact you with the appropriate specialist when you call.

1&1's 1&1 chat is a great way to get topic-specific help with a single click. On the Website Builder & hosting page, when I pressed the button "Live Chat", I was immediately connected to a web hoster. At the other hand, chat life is visually rich - just like setting up a website! 1&1's new Remote Support Services allow a 1&1 professional to see your monitor while you discuss the issue and resolution on the telephone.

1&1 Remote Support is free, but only available to 1&1 clients. YouTube 1&1 - join 2,100 attendees to see 1&1 MyWebsite How-Tos, inspiring website tales and thousands more video clips from the 1&1 crew. The 1&1 Status Page is a free utility that displays all 1&1 disruptions. 1&1 forums are a flourishing fellowship, but they are very'techie' - far too daunting for people.

8&1 PRICE - IS A 1&1 MYWEBSITE PACK WORTH THE INVESTMENT? You can find prizes and parcels on the entire 1&1 website. When you create a website, host it and want to select a domainname, you get it all in one 1&1 MyWebsite bundle. However, there is a possibility to try MyWebsite for one whole months for free.

What does 1&1 MyWebsite costs? Currently 1&1 has some stunning promotions on all four of its MyWebsite bundles. If you register for a year and make advance payments for the whole year, all website developers will bill you slightly less. 1&1's saving is really astounding. After the first year, your royalty increases (for example, from $1 to $10/month for MyWebsite Basic).

Even if your bill goes up, 1&1's MyWebsite bundles are still very easy to match with other website buildersĀ . If MyWebsite Basic, for example, goes up to $10/month (assuming you are paying again annually), it will be the same as the Wix $10 companion program. What 1&1 MyWebsite bundle should you use? Here you can get a fast idea of what the four MyWebsite packs offer you for your money.

Click on the screenshots for more details and then on "Show more features" below the chart. 1&1 MyWebsite bundles contain all of your website contents backed up every day, endless pages and webspaces ( so you can add as much as you want ) and five free pro stick pictures from a selection of over 20 million.

No matter which MyWebsite suite you select, 1&1 offers safety certifications to make sure your information and that of your users is protected from prying eyes and nasty shoppers. That'?s more than you get with Wix?s $10 companion scheme. MyWebsite Basic ($1/month) and above packs receive a singleomainname. However, if I only had to refer one pack, it would be 1&1 MyWebsite Plus ($10/month for the first year, then $20/month).

Contains the best 1&1 functionality for creating websites, such as automated widgets ("personalization rules") and the ability to fully modify your templates using HTML. Surely you can disregard the smallest packet, MyWebsite Personal. MyWebsite Personal, unlike MyWebsite Basic, does not contain a domainname or e-mail adress. You can get your cash back with a MyWebsite bundle.

The most expensive MyWebsite premium bundle ($20/month, then $30 after the first year) is cheap in comparison to 1&1's competitors. Wix the $25/month viiplan is the next equivalence. Weebly' s similar scheme will cost $38. There is no e-commerce scheme as such among the MyWebsite plans. With MyWebsite Premium you have an embedded web storefront, and it would be a good option for establishing your first web storefront.

We will take a look at the Online Store Builder bundles in a seperate post. No matter which bundle you select, you must register and make payment before you can use the 1&1 MyWebsite. 1&1's MyWebsite packs all come with a 30-day back-warranty. This is another good excuse to disregard the staff pack that allows you to buy your own name!

If you want, you can change between 1&1 MyWebsite bundles, but the Help Center is quite confused about what happens to the money you've already used. MyWebsite Basic is so inexpensive in its first year that it can be just as free. However, if you like it and your site begins to launch, you can upgraded to the Plus Bundle - which is much more customizable.

Also, Website Builder subscription is fixed and foreseeable - which is not the case if you buy web hosting, domain names, WordPress and so on separate. Click here for everything you need to know about website building budgets. 91/1 REVIEW OF THE REVIEW - IS 1/1YWEBSITE THE RIGHT WEBSITE BUILDER FOR YOU?

The MyWebsite knows that you want to bring your store or your commerce on-line with minimum effort, and it does everything it can to help you. With so many industry-specific submissions, you're guaranteed to find your solution. If you don't want to, you don't even have to substitute all the prefilled contents (we think you should, but you don't have to).

They can get a finished website faster than a luncheon. 1&1 MyWebsite bundles are all inexpensive in comparison to other website building products - especially now. Currently, if you register for one year, you can get the MyWebsite Basic bundle for only $1 per monthly. You' ll get more customization crack for your cash as you move through the parcels, and all but the smallest parcel is value for your money. What's more, you'll get more customization crack for your cash as you move through the parcels, and all but the smallest parcel is value for your money. of course, you'll get more customization crack for your cash as you move through the parcels, and all but the smallest parcels are value for your money. of course, you'll get more customization crack for your cash as you move around, and all except the parcels are value for your price.

However, there is no free evaluation version or free 1&1 schedule, and that can be a deal-breaker for you. With only $1 per Basic per months, however, you don't have much to loose. After all, 1&1 MyWebsite is an uncomplicated website builder for busily adults. Now if you want a dependable, professionally run web site, backed by a name you can rely on and with good supportive ressources, 1&1 MyWebsite is definitely a good place to try.

Did we help you find the right web designer? Not only will you help them select a useful tools for creating their website, but you will also help us by disseminating the words through our website! for more information.

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