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Each client is unique, and your website should reflect this individuality. Optimize and modify existing library templates with our free Website Builder tools. Create templates with our template wizard or start from scratch. The best free website builder for small businesses. Models are the basis for the design of your website.

What makes you decide to use Website-Builder?

Dragging and dropping the contents makes it simple to make your ideas come alive, just the way you want them to. No matter if you need a one-page website or an on-line shop, the Website Builder will scale according to your needs. Throughout the month, our schedules differ depending on the type of website you need to create.

Select a style sheet and personalise your text, colours, photographs and layout to give it the look you want. Bring a website that fits your portable and portable tablets. Switch between full-size, portable and tabular view without losing a beat. View the full-size, portable and tabular view. Improve, trim, and apply visuals without exiting Site Builder, then simply move your assets to any location on the page using simple simple Drag & Drag.

Do you need an on-line shop? Change at any moment to give your website a fresh look. To whom is the Website Builder directed? Website-Builder is intended to help small businesses quickly and simply build a good looking website. May I have different contents on my portable website? No, the Website Builder is specifically built to distribute a unique collection of contents across different machines.

May I have drop-down navigational menu? Each time you created a file and added pages to it, the navigator added drop-down menu to it. Simply use the embedded Widget. The Website Builder is housed in the clamp, so there is no need for old, sluggish, untrusted and unsecure FTP. How can I embedded Flash?

While you can integrate Flash with the Embedded Widget, keep in min minds that many portable gadgets can't playback Flash music. When I use Website Builder, does my website go to the top of Google? Maybe, but it'll take a lot of trouble and a lot of work. Site builder websites have an outstanding overall site search engine optimization score, but getting a good rank on Google always takes a lot of outlay.

or 1&1 Website Builder or 1&1 Website Creator: Export data

Do you want to extract your information from a 1&1 Website Builder or 1&1 Website Creator? When you have built your website with our 1&1 Website Builder or 1&1 Website Creator, you can start exporting your information with sFTP in the following steps: View your sFTP connectivity information (FTP username and password).

Mount an FTP client. Type your connecting information into the FTP client and reconnect. Please feel free to browse and dowload the files. You can find an outline of your sFTP connectivity details in your 1&1 Control Panel: You can find here detailled step-by-step directions for downloading your datas. Instead of storing each page separately, there are alternate softwaresolutions, e.g. with the widely used HTTRack programme.

HTTrack makes a working copy of a website (including HTML, scripting, CSS and pictures). HTTrack launches a web page and a web page with a web page and menus. HTTrack can be downloaded and used free of charge. Note that 1&1 does not offer assistance for the above mentioned remote exporting features.

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