Website Design Price List

Price list for website design

Full "A La Carte" price list. The cost of website design has changed dramatically over the last decade. Take a look at our low CMS and custom website prices to find the best package for you. Design Web Prize Packages that fit every budget!

Full price list for web design

Following many years of fine-tuning our offers, we have created some web design packs to satisfy the needs of most companies. Whilst we have packed the offers for your comfort, we have also included the costs of each individual items so that you can freely choose to attach or remove items to finally create the website that fits your needs perfectly.

The start page is there. Optionally added pages cost only $90 and can be added at any point. Optionally you can buy a CMS (Content Management System) for only 250 Euro, so that you can always modify the contents on your website. Notice that if you use Wordpress as your preferred CMS, it cannot be added after building the website, as Wordpress is the overall website plattform.

Optionally, an online interactivity can be integrated to directly e-mail the results of the enquiry via the web. Constructed to be easy on your computer searching. Manually registering with searching machines is including. View examples and see detail on our economic web design choices. Optionally you can buy a CMS (Content Management System) for only 250 Euro, so that you can always modify the contents on your website.

There are four subpages, i.e. a whole of five pages. Below we have put our most important service offerings by price so that you can select what works best for you. Charitable discount - 10% on the home pageWe enjoy working with charitable organisations, and we give all charitable organisations 10% discount on the price of the home page design.

Each of our customers who places an order with us for a second (or third or fourth) page will get a 10% discount on the price of the homepage design. One year of registering domains is a part of purchasing a website, and we are registering them on your behalf, not ours.

Extra Domainnames can be bought for only $30 per year. Redirect Hosted Accounts cost only $1 per extra name per monthly for current hosted clients. Extensions are $30 per year unless you are already using a higher price registrar. Within the framework of a website design, an appealing graphics of the name of the firm is provided at no extra cost.

Get a corporate identity at the same and the same times as a website? We' ll reduce the price of the logoprice to just $400! And there are many free blogsites out there like, and others. But if you want more complete editorial freedom for your web site, you might want a web design engineer to create a custom weblog for you.

It can be done as an independent website or as a supplement to a complete website. When you want a Wordpress site that is 100% user defined, our default home design charge is ($1625). You can add extra pages using Wordpress or the web designers can make them for you from $90 to $180 per extra page.

Do you need Wordpress plug-ins? If we are creating a customized design, we begin with an initial survey to help us better comprehend your objectives and audiences, then a design engineer creates a model of what your website should look like. Provide your design with the ability to provide input before it is transformed into a high-quality website.

The price covers the development of a text for the homepage by a qualified author that is easy to use for searching engines. But if you need a pro to get the most out of your contents, you can use one of our experienced pro authors. Our website is designed to integrate beautifully typed, searching machine compatible text for the homepage of any website we create.

Our author can be hired for $150 for as many or as few extra pages as you like. In order to achieve the best results in your website, we send your finished website to Google and Bing. Our goal is to make every website suitable for searching by placing suitable catchwords in suitable places and constructing the website as it would be liked by searching machines (e.g. making the body text searchable as text instead of reducing the text into a graphic).

If your website goes online, we also send your finished website to Google and Bing. Do you need a better rankings? We also provide full service full service full service marketing optimization and full service marketing planning. We' ll include these hyperlinks in your website at no extra cost at the moment of the first builds if you have your own free online community account.

And if you want your own Facebook Business Page, Twitter or any other co-ordinated community content page, we can arrange it for you, complete with a customised graphic that matches the look and feel of your website. Also, we provide full range of full featured marketing strategies for your company's online marketing campaigns. Only $5.00 per box is charged for the registration fee.

When you receive credentials or other confidential information on your site, you need an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate to make it safe. In-depth identification of requirements and preparation of tenders will be finalised in the first stage of the design on the basis of the estimate of the tender. Web Design, Grafic Design, Web Service, Web Design, Web Design, Web Design, Web Design, Photography, Web Design, Web Design, Web Design, Content Editing, Web Design, Web Design, Public Speaking, Web Design, Web Design, Training for just $90 per lesson.

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