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Twenty high-quality WordPress themes for web designers and their customers in 2016 WordPress has a thousand themes that are available for just about any type of website. In fact, so many that sort through all of them to find the perfect one for yourself or your customers becomes almost impossibly. As a result, in the end, designers occasionally choose the most beloved just to conserve valuable resources.

At times, these themes provide exactly what you are looking for, and sometimes you need to look beyond the big name to find a secret jewel. That could mean that you need to look at recently released topics that might give you unanticipated benefits like more committed customer service or lower pricing. To make your job a little bit simpler, we've put together a collection of some of the best themes of recent years (and some even younger ones) that you can use to create nice web sites.

We have our own multi-function topic that incorporates several enhanced functions, such as a uniquely drag-and-drop page creator, full responsiveness, Premium Technical Resources, and 18 pre-built layout options. Divi's prefabricated layout and bricks are best practice designs, look stylish and are very appealing. It' s a good topic for websites that range from basic blogging to portfolio, e-commerce websites, art gallery, and just about anything else you can think of.

Prefabricated 18 layout. Extended design adjustment choices. Several header line settings directly after unpacking. As the number one WordPress topic of all times, Avada is proud to integrate such design features that programming skills are not necessary to create a website with its products.

Avada is amazingly versatile in design. With detailed adjustment possibilities for all its component parts, including various head and menus choices, adjustable media layout, over ten customized widgets, and more than 40 shortcuts with literally thousands of choices in between. Her ready-made layout is contemporary, with an accent on clear line, good use of space and large colour application.

It' perfectly suited for portfolio and blogging. Detailed design adjustment choices. Contains several slider premiums with the acquisition of the major topic. Leveraging four different design lifestyles within their pre-built demonstrations of Integrity, Renew, Icon, and Ethos, Power and Ethos, Power and Ethos provides our customers with a complete set of tools to create their own unique and unique product. Designers call each one a stack, and together they have 32 themes from which you can instantly select and use.

In addition, the topic also provides something named Expanded Demos, which can be expressed in simple terms, complete sites for several specialized niches that can be adapted quickly and go unbelievably fast online. Provides multiple design style choices for the user. Contains its own suite of enhancements that are basically plug-ins within the topic itself for certain functions.

Supplied with Photoshop Document (PSD) file for Designer. Proud to be the most easy-to-use WordPress topic ever created (in their own words), EndFold is the most user-friendly WordPress application available. Provide a number of demonstrations or ready-made layout templates tailored for different applications. A few use cases are quite common, but there are several special design niches, e.g. for photo portfolios or restaurant pages.

Here the design is very elegantly and high-quality, with strong writings and subtile contrast. Every single page is fully reactive. High performance adjustment tools in the administration area. The Soledad is a great topic for blog and magazine, providing a surprise amount of customisation possibilities. When you want to see it in operation, you've gone beyond that by providing a demonstration page containing over 250 different page styles to show you how much can be achieved with the topic.

As this is mainly a blogs and magazines topic, the design here focuses on neat layout, good use of spaces and a focus on thumbnail views, presented pictures and title. More than 250 customisation possibilities and an immediate previewer. There are three side bars and five item layout. There are six different types of portfolios. Impr├ęza is a versatile subject with a staff that has concentrated on every aspect of web design.

All of the placements, colors and animations contained in their layout have been meticulously selected and all look breathtaking. While suitable for all types of web sites, this topic is particularly suitable for creating agency, portfolio, blog and target sites. Developed with best practice in terms of useability. While KLEO is a multi-purpose issue, we need to focus on the excellent supporting of community-based sites and utilities such as BuddyPress and cbPress.

In terms of design, it has a very clear and straightforward look that is perfect for commercial, enterprise and educational web sites. Supplied with the Sensei plug-in for creating on-line training sessions. Provides Facebook sign-in assistance right out of the box. Click here to unpack. Voux itself may sound like a modem magazin, which is exactly what this topic aims for.

It' s classy but neat looking and perfectly suited for magazines with a strong focus on beautiful pictures. Contains user-defined sidekickutorials. Legda is a versatile subject with ready-made layout for over 11 niche shops, which range from dining to e-commerce websites and even some surprise decisions like toys and automobiles.

It' s built so that the user can create these layout with a click of the mouse. Layout is very fashionable and effective, with detailed adjustments but little gimmickry. Ideal for customers who want a serious look and feel for their sites. Nearly a dozen pre-built layout templates are available with a one-click installer.

Contains over 50 different types of pages that can be modified without difficulty. Bootingstrap-based design ensures perfect responsiveness of webpages. Well, now that it's a truly awesome one-of-a-kind recess design, CitiLights has been specifically designed for property webpages. In terms of design, this topic is all about ease of use and a neat, clear look that allows customers to look through.

Completely reactive topic. Developed with user-friendliness in view. REDWODOD is a topic for blogging with classical design characteristics. It' just right for customers who want a simple, sleek look but still have enough room for customisation to give the designer plenty of room to make each site look different. There are five different types of layout.

Overshine is a multi-purpose topic with almost 20 peculiar layout. While it is sufficiently versatile to integrate all types of web pages (including e-commerce), its focus on breathtaking images makes it particularly suitable for web portals and blogs. Constructed with a view to contemporary design aesthetic, with a focus on function and type.

Contains the Master Slider Premier Plug-in. The suitably titled topic is developed to help you build blogs that keep flowing well. For this purpose, it offers three different types of flows: classical brickwork, a mix of vertically arranged menu items with the same brickwork effect, and ultimately a more subdued look combined with a side bar and transitional animation.

One click set-up for demonstration websites. The new topic is already making a few waves. What is it? This was one of the bestsellers on ThemeForest in January and has received many good ratings in the almost two month period since its launch. When it comes to design, Mega doesn't crack the form with its huge slide controls and the ample use of whitespace, but what it does, it does well.

It' s the right topic for web pages without too many flourishes. Contains over 29 design items with over a hundred combinations of choices. The pitch is a topic that was developed with the freelancer in view. It' not only great for creating web portfolios, it also contains some great case studies that will help you lead clients through your creation processes and win them over to their upcoming work.

Extremely customisable design choices. Potassium is an easy-to-use topic designed for professional use. It' s great for portfolios, storefronts, and blogging, and has a variety of layouts to make your job easy, in addition to an easy-to-use build engine. Contains user-defined sidekickutorials.

Unfortunately, no, this is not an issue for Harry Potter webpages. Developed with professionals in mind, Kedavra uses very neat and navigable layout and great menu options. Enhanced real-time previews for simpler fitting. Contains over 600 Google fonts. Inspired by minimalist design in Switzerland, Bloc is the place to be if you want to set yourself apart from other portfolios.

Detailed adjustment choices. Like many other topics, Notio does not have a huge number of demonstrations. Instead, they chose ten different wild display cases with distinctive design and animation that are suitable for all types of equipment. In addition to the ten portfoliolayouts, it also contains eight display case detail pages that can be used for case study purposes.

Contains multiple motion sequences that have been created to work seamlessly on all types of equipment. In 2015, it was in a decent third place among all blogs on ThemeForest in terms of revenue and also received some great ratings during that year. In terms of design, there is a clear focus on white space, type and great contrasts, which makes it great for the reader and gives the demonstration pages a very authority look.

Identifying the right topic won't resolve all your issues, but it can certainly make your design experience a lot simpler by giving you a basis on which to enhance your abilities. In the course of this listing, we have examined which topics are more suitable for which type of website, according to need.

But it is up to you to find the right solution for your customers and offer them a design that suits their needs and surpasses their expectation.

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