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Six Revisions is no longer a classic web development blog, but an important news site for developers. Papers, tutorials, reviews and reviews about PHP scripting, SEO, Wordpress development, web hosting, online marketing, social media, Google tools and more. Cutting-edge web development blogs to improve your capabilities. Due to its broad author base, SitePoint is able to frequently (usually several days a day) post and address a variety of issues. The blog can be sorted by categories (they have a combined ten ), or you can just scroll through the home page to see the latest posts.

It' s a tutorial-style blog that is very handy.

Much more focused on practical than theoretical, it offers demonstrations and samples to help prospective webmasters. Walsh, a Mozilla Sr. Developmenter, regularly refreshes the blog and spends time writing on a range of subjects. Your almaƱac is the place you should go to study all things related to learning how to use CSS, but despite the page name, it' s more than one thing that is covered by it.

Whilst still, of course, the main part of the contents is still the CSS, the blog has posted article about JS, jQuery, PHP and just about everything related to web development. A List Apart's wide range of writers cover almost every subject related to web programming: theme, development, content, technologies, etc.

At first sight the website may look naked, but the contents are better than the aesthetic. The blog deals with a variety of subjects (not always related to encoding), organised by headings on the front page. Feel free to browse under Programming Languages, Functional Programming, Compilation, Productivity or a number of others.

As a rule, essays are drafted in clear, comprehensible terms. also provides complete classes if you like what you see on the blog. Spolsky spends fifteen years blogging and eventually writing over a thousand stories about it. It covers subjects ranging from corporate governance to programming practices and even the development of sofware.

Though Joel unfortunately went into retirement and doesn't publish any new contributions anymore, it's still a good idea to scroll through previous reviews (he has a top 10 listing in the sidebar!). If you want to find other pertinent sources beyond blogging, visit this 45 places where you can study programming for free.

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